Mehmet Kahya

Mehmet Kahya

Independent Board Member

Mehmet Kahya, who completed his undergraduate education at Yale University with a double major BS degree in chemical engineering and economics (1973), received his MBA degree in finance, marketing and operations research at the Kellogg School of Management (1975).

He started his working life in Sabancı Holding at Sasa A.Ş. as the Chief of Management Services (1975-1980) and later served as the President of MKM International (Netherlands, 1980-1984) and Sibernetik Sistemler (1984-1986), of both of which he was the founder. Mehmet Kahya served as Vice President and President of Temsa (1986-1990), Founding Vice President of Toyotasa (1990-1994) as well as a member of the Sabancı Holding Planning and Steering Council and a Board Member of Temsa, Toyotasa, Susa and Sapeksa.

Mehmet Kahya was Managing Director and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of CarnaudMetalbox between 1994-1998 and then President of Uzel Makine and Executive Board Member of Uzel Holding (1998-2001), General Manager of DYO and Vice President of Yaşar Holding Paint Group (2001-2002), Executive Board Member of Sarten Ambalaj (2002-2003), Vice Chairman of the Board of Gierlings Velpor (Portugal, 2003-2005) and President of Assan Aluminum (2004-2006).

Mehmet Kahya, was an Independent Member of Çimsa, Yünsa, Sasa, Yaşar Holding, Altınyunus, DYO, Viking Kağıt Board of Directors and continues to contribute as a consultant for strategy, restructuring, profitability transformation, growth, acquisition and merger projects through Kronus, of which he is the founder. At the same time, he works as an Independent Board Member at Sabancı Holding, as a Board Member at Electrosalus and as a shareholder consultant at various companies.