Letter From The Chief Executive Officer

Dear Investors, Business Partners, and Esteemed Employees

As the "Sabancı of Turkey", we continue to grow day by day with the power, experience and culture we have acquired over the past 90 years. We are sustaining innovation within our DNA, our R&D efforts, and digitalization with the contribution of our strong human resource in a more efficient and more competitive structure.

We contribute to the development of our country with our activities in different fields ranging from energy to industry, banking, insurance, cement, and retail.

As the Sabancı Group, managing our current activities with high standards within a framework of strategic, operational, and commercial dimensions is our primary task, and we promise that to our stakeholders who trust us. We should and will reflect our perfectionist approach, the strongest aspect of our culture, more intensely in our work.

We claim to do more than that. As the Sabancı Group, we will not only ameliorate the current situation and reach out the best but we will aim to lead the change in each field by absorbing the global digital change as well. In the upcoming period, digital transformation will certainly be one of the fields we will focus on the most, and we will compete with ourselves to move our business beyond the technology of this age.

We will create sustainable value to our stakeholders with innovative products and services that offer increased added value, thanks to the energy we gather from the organizational transformation that we undergo and our employees - our biggest power - without compromising sustainability and environmental responsibility.

On behalf of “Sabancı of Turkey”, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our distinguished employees, clients, business partners, and shareholders for walking this road together with us and for trusting us.

Very truly yours,

Mehmet Göçmen
Sabancı Holding, CEO