150,000 diagnosis kits and 1.7 million TL grant for Covid-19 vaccine from the Sabancı Group


The Sabancı Group is taking a further new step in supporting the fight against Covid-19 which has now spread all over the world. The Sabancı Group will provide the Ministry of Health with 150,000 diagnosis kits for the fight against Covid-19 and additionally a grant of 1.7 million TL to be spent on studies conducted for the development of a vaccine and serum for Covid-19.

Stating that both Turkey and the world are passing through a period when the concept of “solidarity” is needed most, Mr. Cenk Alper, the CEO of Sabancı Holding, noted, “We are using every means available for our country and people, in the spirit of solidarity during this challenging process. We believe that we can get over this pandemic only with the help of science and technology. Based on this belief, we have mobilised all technological and scientific resources of the Sabancı Group.”

Mr. Alper also stated, “Turkey has been one of the countries which managed to keep this global pandemic outside of its boundaries for the longest period of time, thanks to its quick and correct decisions. However, we are today struggling with Covid-19, which has spread to more than 200 countries. We are grateful to all healthcare professionals and particularly the Minister of Health for their extraordinary efforts in this challenging process. To make this struggle successful, each citizen and organisation within Turkey must assume tremendous responsibilities. As the Sabancı Group, we have acted with the awareness of this responsibility right from the first diagnosis of Covid-19 in our country. We have offered the whole infrastructure of the Composite Technologies Centre of Excellence operated under the collaboration of Kordsa and Sabancı University for the use of the Ministry of Health for the design, analysis and prototype production of medical devices and components used in the treatment of Covid-19 as well as personal protective equipment used by healthcare professionals. Also, we donated 10 tons of the Antimic new generation disinfectant, which was developed by the Sabancı University and ensures hygiene on surfaces where used for up to 3 months, to the Ministry of Health. Now, we are donating 150,000 diagnosis kits for Covid-19 to the Ministry of Health. Furthermore, we are providing 1.7 million TL support to the Ministry of Health to be spent on development studies for a vaccine and serum for Covid-19. The Nanotechnology Research and Implementation Centre of the Sabancı University (SUNUM) will also make its infrastructure available for this research and provide active support to the serum development studies.”

Expressing his belief in the fact that Turkey will overcome these difficult times, resulting from the global Covid-19 pandemic, with the lowest damage and in the fastest way possible, Mr. Cenk Alper noted, “As Sabancı of Turkey, we will keep working with our responsibility towards our country today just as we have also done for the last 90 years.”