A Changing of The Guard at Sabancı Holding



Mr. Zafer Kurtul, who has been a Sabancı Holding Executive Board Member and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since 19 July 2010, has decided to leave his position as of 30 March 2017.

Mr. Mehmet Göçmen, who currently serves as Sabancı Holding Energy Group Head, was appointed as the Sabancı Holding CEO.

Regarding the new appointment, Sabancı Holding Executive Board Director Ms. Güler Sabancı stated, "We thank Mr. Zafer Kurtul, who has served as the Assistant General Manager and subsequently General Manager of Akbank since 1998 in our group, and since 2010 has served as the CEO of Sabancı Holding and Executive Board member making huge contributions to our success and we wish him all the best.

Mr. Mehmet Göçmen has held various executive positions in our group for 14 years and most recently he has been successfully at the helm of our activities in the energy sector where our strategic investments are accumulated. He will be taking over as CEO as of 30 March 2017.

This appointment is a result of the continuity of our corporate management culture which differentiates Sabancı Holding. We fully believe that the newly appointed CEO, Mr. Mehmet Göçmen will carry Turkey's Sabancı towards higher goals and he will be leading our stakeholders in creating more value. We wish him success in his new position“.

After graduating from Galatasaray High School and Middle East Technical University, Department of Industrial Engineering in 1981, Mr. Mehmet Göçmen received his M.S. degree from Syracuse University, Department of Industrial Engineering in 1983. He worked in executive positions between 1983-1995 at Steel Wire & Rope Industry, at Lafarge between 1996-2003 and he was appointed as General Manager of Akçansa in 2003. He served as Human Resources Group Head, Cement Group Head and Energy Group Head at Sabancı Holding since 01 August 2008.