A Combined Investment of 6.4 Billion TL From Sabancı Holding In The First 6 Months


Sabancı Holding announced its financial results for the first half of 2022, revealing an increase in its combined sales of 162% to 165 billion TL. In addition, Sabancı Holding made a combined investment of 6.4 billion TL during the same period and a six-month consolidated net profit of 16.3 billion TL.

Evaluating the subject, Sabancı Holding CEO Cenk Alper stated: "At Sabancı Group, with sustainability and digitalization as our guide, we continue steadily on our path, despite global uncertainties and the challenging conditions brought about by those uncertainties. In a world where physical borders are disappearing daily, our 'new economy' oriented growth strategy is the most important driving force in our approach to achieving “Sabancı of the World.“


Highlighting that Sabancı in 2022 made significant investments in digital technologies, an indispensable element of new economy-oriented growth strategies, Cenk Alper stated: "We have invested in Radiflow, one of the world's leading startups in the field of cyber security, especially in operational technologies, and in SEM which operates in the field of data-driven digital marketing. On the other hand, over the last few months, through the Sabancı Holding Corporate Venture Capital Fund, we have also invested in the cloud technologies company Bulutistan and Zack.ai which specializes in artificial intelligence-focused smart assistant services, and Albert Health which is developing an artificial intelligence-based disease management and telehealth service platform in the field of digital health. In addition, SabancıDx and Sabancı University will continue to support us to further consolidate our leadership position in digital transformation with the Center of Excellence they established for productization and globalization with a data focus."

Pointing out that the share of the 'new economy’ created by energy and climate technologies, material technologies and digital technologies in their investments and revenues is increasing day by day, Cenk Alper continued: "Our Industry Group company Kordsa acquired the majority shares of Microtex Composites, one of the strongest representatives of material technologies in Europe. With the completion of the Arvento acquisition, which we accomplished through Brisa, we initiated synergies between our Group companies, reinforcing our focus on creating value from data. In our Building Materials business line, in line with Çimsa's targets to grow and expand its value-added product range, we have taken positive action with a CAC (Calcium Aluminate Cement) capacity increase investment of 45 million dollars for our Mersin plant. Our energy business line, Enerjisa, will double Turkey's largest and fastest electric charging station network with Eşarj, with an investment of 300 million TL. We continue to work on renewable energy production. With the 565 MW investment completion in 2025, the share of renewable energy in total energy production will rise from 44% to 51%. In this context, one out of every three wind and solar power plants constructed in Turkey over the next four years will be realized by Enerjisa Üretim. In addition, we are expanding the scope of sustainability practices within our Group. As a result, the use of renewable energy-based electricity in our Group has increased by 116% during the last period. The international rating agency Refinitiv ranked Sabancı first in the ESG category among 60 investment holding companies worldwide."

Emphasizing that Sabancı Holding has continued its uninterrupted support of the Turkish economy while making substantial investments, Cenk Alper said: "Akbank increased its loan support to our economy in the first half of 2022 to a total of 639 billion TL, 517 billion TL of which was in cash. In addition, with Aksigorta, when we increased our capital to 1 billion TL, we strengthened our company's balance sheet structure and reinforced our confidence in the Turkish economy and insurance sector."