Under the 7th Altin Pusula Public Relations Awards organised by the Turkish Public Relations Association (TUHID), the exhibition “Picasso in Istanbul” held under the sponsorship of Sabancı Holding Company was awarded a prize in the field Culture&Arts of the category Corporate Social Responsibility.  By the end of the competition participated by a total of 100 projects in 12 branches this year, Corporate Communications Manager Suat Özyaprak received the prize of Sabancı Holding Company from the Association’s executives at the ceremony held.
Organised with the support of Sabancı Holding Company between the dates 24 November 2005 and 26 March 2006 at the Sakip Sabancı Museum, the exhibition was the first comprehensive one dedicated to a world-famous artist in Turkey.  The exhibition has also remained in the national agenda for a considerably long time thanks to the communication activities conducted, and aroused great interest in every segment of the society.
The “Altin Pusula Public Relations Awards” has been held for the 7th time this year in line with the objective of upgrading the service quality, and support the professional development in the sector.  The Selection Committee was consisted of Metin Yurdakul, President, and the other members Alaeddin Asna, Ali Atıf Bir, Emin Bitlis, Canan Edipoğlu, Hakan Güldağ, Feyhan Yaşar Kalpaklıoğlu, Betul Mardin, Vahap Munyar, Oğuz Satıcı, Doğan Satmış, and Fügen Toksü.  The public relations projects submitted for the awards were evaluated by the “Altin Pusula Selection Committee” on 5 basic criteria, “situation analysis/research,” “planning,” “application,” “creativity,” “computation & evaluation.”  Applications were made for the “7th Altin Pusula Awards” with projects that were created, applied, and evaluated during the years 2006 and 2007, projects that had been started in 2005, and concluded and evaluated in 2006 and 2007, projects that had been started during 2006, not concluded yet, but are ripe for evaluation, and projects that had been started during 2007, not concluded yet, but are ripe for evaluation.