Applications for the Second Phase of the Tomorrow is Ours Project Have Begun


The “Tomorrow is Ours” social responsibility project carried out by the Sabancı Group for the first time last year, for the children of the real heroes of the pandemic, the health workers, with the aim of providing a better future for them and to prepare them for life and their careers, continues to be by the side of these young people this year as well.

The aim of the project designed for young people who have at least one member of their family employed as a health worker, who are also preparing for the university entrance exams, is to support the academic and personal development of these young people and prepare them for their future careers. The applications to the project have begun on October 13. The project, which provides career planning and professional presentations as well as personal awareness and motivational training to ensure that the participants get through this challenging period in the easiest way possible, focuses on “Responsible Youth” this year.

Empowered through volunteering

The Tomorrow is Ours Project beginning its second phase with the efforts of the Sabancı Volunteers and the volunteering vision of the Group, is being carried out for the second time for the children of the health workers preparing for university and their siblings. Just like last year, the project was supported by many esteemed members of the media and public figures as well as the Sabancı Volunteers, contributing to prepare the youth for their futures with its extensive content, career support programs and personal development trainings.

Young people preparing to benefit from the know-how and experiences of inspiring public figures are accompanied by mentors in this challenging period. In the context of “mentorship fellowship” designed with inspiration from the power of volunteering, the mentors assigned according to each young person’s future dreams continue to be role models for young people with their inspiring stories. The project, where the advanced technology owned by the Sabancı Group was made available by all means, supports the education process of young people in a challenging period while supporting them in increasing their potential and managing their education process.

Accompanying young people in their “volunteering” journey

The Sabancı Group, being the only company invited from the Turkey region to the meeting organized by the United Nations for supporting volunteering activities last year, was selected among “best practices” with the Sabancı Volunteers program.

With its cultural legacy of over 90 years, the Sabancı Group continues its vision of taking the lead in Turkey’s social development, pioneering projects that touch the people and the society with the Tomorrow is Ours Project. Exactly for this reason, the focus of this year’s project is “Responsible Youth”.

This year, the contents of the project were prepared based on responsible citizenship consciousness in order to relay the importance of volunteering to these young people who will be building the future. Within this context, with this Project enriched with volunteering workshops and inspiring stories, the intent is to contribute to the “volunteering” journeys of these young people who will build the future.

School of Medicine Is the First Choice of Profession

626 mentors participated in the first period of the Project, while 698 young people from 65 cities in Turkey participated in mentorship programs, career support programs and personal development trainings. Young people met with inspiring personalities and tapped into their knowledge and experiences, at the same time utilizing a great deal of content to support their development.

The benefits of the Project are not limited to these. The Tomorrow is Ours project supported young people in setting targets, increasing their self-confidence, cope with stress, gaining different perspectives and most importantly overcoming feelings of loneliness. On the other hand, mentors have stated that thanks to this project their volunteering awareness has increased, they have developed better communication skills with young people and also developed new ideas and point of views.

The Tomorrow is Ours teens have also made substantial achievements in the university entrance exam that took place in this difficult year. While medicine and engineering were the top choices in the career rankings of the young people, law and psychology followed them. Their favorite universities are İstanbul University, Boğaziçi, ODTÜ, Sabancı University, Akdeniz and Ege University as well as Cerrahpaşa and Hacettepe Universities.

Who can participate, how can they apply?

Health workers’ children who are high-school graduates currently attending 12th grade and preparing for university and their siblings can participate in the project. In order to participate in the project they just need to fill out the participation form at the address. Applications can be made until October 31 and detailed information can be found at