During the Shareholders Meeting of Hacı Ömer Sabancı Holding conducted on March 27, 2001 the following members were elected to the Board to serve for a term of three years:

1. Mr.Sakıp SABANCI (Chairman)
2. Mr.Şevket SABANCI (Deputy Chairman)
3. Mr.Erol SABANCI (Deputy Chairman)
4. Mr.Ömer SABANCI
5. Mr.Demir SABANCI
6. Mr.Hazım KANTARCI (CEO)
7. Mr.Nafiz Can PAKER
9. Mr.Lütfi YENEL

The three independent Board Directors, Mr.Paker, Mr.Kaslowski and Mr.Yenel all are respected members of Turkish business community recognized for their valuable contributions for creation of wealth as top business executives as well as for social, cultural and educational development of Turkish people as active members of various civic organizations.

At the present,
- Mr.Paker serves as Chairman and General Manager of Turk Henkel, a wholly owned subsidiary of Henkel KAaG of Germany;
- Mr.Kaslowski is the Chairman and CEO of his company Organik Holding, one of the largest fine speciality chemicals producers in the Middle East and Central Asia region;
- Mr.Yenel is the Chairman and General Manager of Alcatel, a subsidiary of Alcatel, in Turkey.

Chairman Sakıp Sabancı in welcoming the independent board members who would serve at the Sabancı Group the first time stated; "They have all proven records of successful performance both as visionary top managers as well as active members of various national and international civic organizations. They will definitely enrich our Board and we will, work together for the continuation of successful and profitable growth of the Sabancı Group. The primary responsibility of the Board will be to set objectives and strategies to increase the shareholders value. The Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for the execution of the Board decisions to achieve the set objectives."