When fashion meets function
ADVANSA, the leading European polyester manufacturer, has organised an event on 14 November 2005, in Istanbul, to introduce Coolmax® into the market of women’s ready-to-wear, targeting the Turkish and European textile industry.
To arrange this meeting of fibre technology with Haute-Couture, ADVANSA teamed up with Dice Kayek, a leading fashion house of Turkish origin, which is based in Paris, France.
This collaboration aims to highlight the added value of the textile products developed by the firm, and the ensuing benefits that put consumers and industry in a win-win situation.
Dice Kayek has designed a special collection “Coolmax® Inspirations” featuring 30 silhouettes, oozing sleek, refined, feminine charm, and  combining style and high technology with brio.
Dice Kayek opted for a selection of Coolmax® fabrics from Turkey, Italy, Spain, Greece and Germany, the look and feel of which captured his imagination: “craquant”, soft, silky, fluid, lightweight… These thermoregulatory fabrics come in 100% Coolmax® or a blend of natural fibres with Coolmax®.
Straight shirtwaist dresses, skirts, flouncy, pleated tops with a decidedly feminine feel, body-hugging denim trouser suits, swimsuits all exude the Dice Kayek touch and illustrate the perfect harmony between fashion and functionality.
Initially acknowledged and acclaimed by athletes, Coolmax® won its spurs at the Atlanta Olympics, then, gradually, it has become a must in other clothing sectors such as lingerie, bodywear, and now ready-to-wear.
The Coolmax® secret: an exclusive fabric design in which the engineered-shape of the fibres creates a dry microclimate by wicking away humidity, protecting and regulating body temperature. Making the wearer feel fresh, comfortable and ready for anything.
Operating in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, ADVANSA – owned 100% by the Haci Omer Sabancı Holding A.S. - is the largest manufacturer of Polyester Resins, Intermediates, Filament and Fibres in the region. ADVANSA has annual revenues of €800 million. The company employs over 2,700 employees and operates factories in the UK, Turkey and Germany. The headquarters are located in the Netherlands, with sales offices in the UK, Turkey, Germany, Spain and France.
Sabancı Holding is one of Turkey's largest industrial groups.  Employing over 35,000 people in 66 companies, it has interests in chemicals and fibres, as well as banking and insurance, food, retail, textiles, energy, cement, automotive, tyres and tyre reinforcement materials, telecommunications, paper and packaging materials. The companies operate in about a dozen foreign countries and export products world-wide. Sabancı Holding, which has controlling interests in 12 companies listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange, has an aggressive strategy of growth through acquisitions and expansion of existing businesses.