Güler Sabancı, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sabancı Holding:

 “We will create permanent superiorities with innovations that differentiate us”

 “Coolmax” fabric, developed and manufactured by Advansa, a Sabancı Holding company, is now penetrating into our lives as a revolutionary product in textile industry. Speaking at the press conference held to address the issue, Güler Sabancı, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sabancı Holding, provided information on Sabancı Holding.

Güler Sabancı said: 

''We are giving priority to creating difference in our new management concept. Sabancı Holding has an established culture for that. We work productively. We put productivity first. We are putting something else on it in this new era. And this is our desire to highlight innovations that will differentiate us from others. We are now reviewing all of our processes in order to highlight that kind of innovations. We believe we must create lasting collaborations in the current period in order for us to be able to compete successfully in this globalizing world and to make the stretch of Sabancı Holding continuous. We believe we can make this real, only with differentiating innovations.”










In the speech he delivered, Engin Tuncay, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Advansa, expressed that Sabancı Holding’s vision, which is “Achieving lasting superiorities by creating differences” was realized by Advansa with differentiating innovations like Coolmax. “This is establishing lasting superiorities by creating a brand and a technology. Advansa delegated a team of approximately forty-two people in the development of new products, perfection of current technology, fundamental researches and research of innovations based on chemical substances as polyesters by investing 100 million US dollars since 2000. In this context, Advansa undertook a very significant task,” Tuncay said.

In his speech, Wahid Tawfik, CEO of Advansa, explained that Advansa was committed to become a polyester leader in Europe .

With Coolmax fiber manufactured thanks to the latest technological developments, it will be possible to protect against UV rays, stains and even bacteria. Drying rapidly by moving perspiration away from the body, Coolmax is comfortable and soft as well as keeping body cool.

Coolmax, which is to find many application areas in our lives ranging from sports wear to evening gowns, from pillow stuffing to lingerie and from diapers to automotive industry, also reflects innovation approach of Sabancı Holding.