Güler Sabancı: “Volunteering Is Our Greatest Power To Create A More Compassionate, Egalitarian, Cooperative World”


The Sabancı Group, which has been leading Turkey’s social development for the past 100 years, continues to contribute to the society with the volunteering activities it carries out in line with its approach of “sharing what it has obtained from this land with its people”.

The Sabancı Group has been touching thousands of people all around Turkey for the past 6 years with the Sabancı Volunteers program initiated in 2015. While contributing to the solution of social problems, the Group also continues to create awareness on volunteering in Turkey.

The activities carried out by the Sabancı Volunteers also receive numerous awards from the world’s most renowned organizations abroad.

Received awards at CSR Excellence Awards for two consecutive years 

The Sabancı Group received the International Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence award with the Sabancı Volunteers program consecutively in 2020 and 2021 at the International CSR Excellence Awards ceremony recently organized in London.

Additionally, being the only company from the Turkey region invited to the meeting organized by the United Nations to support the volunteering activities in the world last year, was selected as one of the ‘best practice’ examples.

In the recent period, Sabancı Volunteers have shown the importance and power of volunteering with the Tomorrow is Ours and Sabancı Republic Movement projects that have attracted a lot of attention in our country. Sabancı Volunteers will continue to implement projects that will make a difference in the coming period as well.

Güler Sabancı: “The most beautiful side of kindness is that it is infectious.”

On the occasion of December 5, International Volunteer Day, Sabancı Holding Chairwoman of the Board Güler Sabancı made assessments on the topic, pointing out that the importance of concepts like strategic philanthropy and volunteering are increasing by the day. Güler Sabancı said, “In the recent period we are sadly observing that segregation is gaining power against integration, separation is gaining power against cohesion, egocentrism is gaining power against cooperation. Our greatest power to create a more compassionate, more egalitarian, more cooperative world is volunteering and kindness. And the most beautiful side of kindness is that it’s infectious. We need to utilize this. Sometimes steps that seem really small to us make great transformations in societies. These transformations will make the world a much better place.”

Güler Sabancı stated that the Sabancı Group sees adding value to these lands as their main priority for the last 100 years, saying: “Contributing to the solution of social problems without expecting everything from the state is one of the founding purposes of our Foundation which is now 47 years old. Furthermore, with our Group companies, Sabancı volunteers, our University as a whole, we see creating awareness on volunteering as a responsibility to these lands. Today a total of 10 thousand Sabancı volunteers are in this formation completely by their own choice. In the recent period, under the leadership of our CEO Cenk Alper, Tomorrow is Ours and Sabancı Republic Movement are concrete examples of this approach and our employees’ dream for a sustainable future. I am proud of all of them.”