Kemal Derviş to work with Sabancı University


Kemal Derviş, who had been UNDP Administrator until end-February, 2009, appointed as a member of  Sabancı University's International Board of Overseers, starting on 1 May 2009.


Kemal Derviş has been appointed member of Sabancı University's International Board of Overseers (IBO). Sabancı University is arguably the top private university in Turkey.  The Board was established to provide the University with the advice and counsel of an esteemed group of global opinion leaders, statesmen and academics from the world's leading institutions.

Sabancı University's International Board of Overseers was established, in line with the University's strategic objectives, to enable the university to increase its international activities and create new co-operation opportunities in education and research. Kemal Derviş will become a member of the Board of Overseers in May 2009.

Kemal Derviş - who is planning to join the Brookings Institution in Washington to work on the global economy, development, and global as well as regional economic governance issues starting this Spring - also plans to contribute to the work of the Istanbul Policy Center ( IPC) at Sabancı University, in particular on European governance issues and Turkish-EU relations. Dr. Derviş will support efforts to develop greater cooperation in research between Brookings and Sabancı University.

Sabancı University's Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, Güler Sabancı, stressed: "It is a pleasure for me to welcome Dr. Kemal Derviş to our International Board of Overseers and as a senior advisor to the IPC. His international experience, expertise, and network will make a great contribution to achieving our university's strategic objectives. As we recently announced, Mr. Joost Lagendijk, Chairman of the Delegation of the EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee, will be joining the IPC by June 2009, to lecture on the European Union and work on Turkey and the EU. With the contributions of these two experienced personalities, I believe that the IPC, in addition to its existing efforts, will be a significant source of objective contributions to the process of Turkey's EU integration."