Mr. Cenk Alper, the CEO of Sabancı Holding: “Teknosa and CarrefourSA are joining forces”


Sabancı Holding will move the employees of TeknoSA, which has temporarily suspended the activities of its stores because of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic undergone by our country, into the supermarkets of CarrefourSA for a while.

Assessing the situation, Mr. Cenk Alper, the CEO of Sabancı Holding, noted that Turkey was passing through difficult times in the coronavirus process, which has been declared to be a “pandemic” by the World Health Organisation, and added, “We act with an awareness of our civil responsibilities at such times. We carry on our activities by taking the highest level of precautions to minimise the risk in health and occupational safety so as to ensure the continuation of daily life and meet the needs of consumers.”

“The employees of TeknoSA are starting to support CarrefourSA”

Mr. Cenk Alper noted, “As Sabancı Holding, we have implemented the highest level of precautions against Covid-19 at an early stage, in light of the instructions of the public authorities and on our own initiative. We have decided to temporarily suspend the activities of TeknoSA stores, our retail brand for technology; however, we are continuing to offer technological products and services to everybody through We continue to meet the needs of the society with CarrefourSA as our retail brand for food by way of following the instructions of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

We are glad to announce that we have commenced a short period of collaboration between TeknoSA and CarrefourSA at this point. As a result of this collaboration, we intend to temporarily appoint 150 employees of TeknoSA into CarrefourSA supermarkets for the purpose of meeting the increasing workload of CarrefourSA. Additionally, the products of TeknoSA will be offered to customers in 5 selected CarrefourSA supermarkets at the first stage. We thank all employees of CarrefourSA and TeknoSA for their devoted efforts and working in a spirit of solidarity for the continuance of social life in these difficult times.”