"Mustafa" to Meet its Audience, with the Contributions of Sabancı

The documentary film “Mustafa,” written and directed by the Journalist-author Can Dundar, will meet its audience on 29 October.  Having brought in numerous lasting works to the Turkish cultural life, Sabancı aims at enabling the Turkish society to meet its Great Leader once more during the Republic Day, by supporting the film “Mustafa” with its sense of social responsibility. 
The soundtrack of the film, co-produced by NTV & KO’MEDYA, and contributed by SABANCI, was composed by Goran Bregovic.  The film is distributed by Warner Bros. 
Addressing the military, political, and human aspects of Ataturk, the film “Mustafa” will hit 181 theatres with 191 copies on 29 October, the Republic Day.  It is the first of its kind with the number of its copies as well.  Already invited to many renowned festivals abroad, the film is also available in English and German versions.  
In “Mustafa,” Ataturk and Zubeyde Hanim are played by Yetkin Dikinciler and Beyhan Saran, respectively, and the letters-correspondence, and newspapers are vocalised by Arif Soysalan.