“One Young World” Summit Will Be Held In Zurich In 2011




The “One Young World” summit, regarded as one of the world's largest youth
organizations, will be held in Zurich, in 2011. Zurich has become the second city to
hold the event as it overtook its rivals Vienna and Pune in the poll done among
the participants of the summit which took place in February this year. Global
participation of more than 1.000 young people is expected in the “One Young World”
Summit in 2011.

Sabancı Holding had previously undertaken the official sponsorship of the Turkish delegation in the first “One Young World” Summit held in London, and facilitated 15 young Turkish
people to participate in the summit.

About One Young World

“One Young World” is a platform intending to convene young people with leadership potential. Its' aim is to put forth the opinions and the solution offers of the world youth in order to make their voices heard by the state, the business world and the public. In the first summit held between February 8-10 in London, young people focused on the topics that had been proposed by the research entitled "Global Consultation Process" spanning 70 countries and issues they think need to be handled on a global platform.

These issues are:

  • Developing a new sense of political leadership for a better future
  • The global business world and its contribution to the economic development of the future of society
  • Interfaith dialogue
  • Environmental issues
  • Media's changing identity and power
  • Health

These topics were discussed in six main sessions during the two day summit.

The persons who participated in the summit and provided consultancy to the delegates are as follows:

  • Kofi Annan (Nobel Peace Prize)
  • Mohammed Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize)
  • Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Nobel Peace Prize)
  • Bob Geldof
  • Alejandro Toledo - Former president of Peru
  • Martin Davidson – CEO British Council
  • Harald Ludwig – Co-Chairman, Lionsgate Entertainment
  • Oscar Morales – Founder of One Million Voices against FARC
  • Nick Haysom – United Nations Director of Political Affairs
  • Tony Fernandes – Founder and CEO, Air Asia
  • Elio Leoni-Sceti – Global CEO, EMI
  • Richard Sambrook – CEO, BBC Global News
  • Carole Stone – General Director, YouGovStone

In “One Young World”, for the first time, countries were represented in proportion to their populations in a global meeting. The delegates who participated in the summit were selected from among young people who were born in or after the year 1984, who displayed a leadership potential and were active in the business world, education, politics, health, religion, environment, agriculture, technology and voluntary work issues.