Sabancı Foundation Attended Annual Meeting Of Global Philanthropists Circle


Chairman of the Sabancı Foundation Board of Trustees Guler Sabancı attended the annual meeting of the Global Philanthropists Circle based in New York. The focus of the event that hosted 150 world-renowned philanthropists including David Rockefeller was "Emerging Innovations in Philanthropy and Social Investments".

Having set out to make a difference in people's lives 37 years ago, Sabancı Foundation continues its efforts to forge a better future and foster its presence in the global philanthropy networks.

Guler Sabancı, Chairman of Sabancı Foundation Board of Trustees and a member of Global Philanthropists Circle, was one of the participants of the annual meeting held on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Global Philanthropists Circle, one of the main programs of the New York based Synergos Institute.

Commenting on her experiences in New York, Guler Sabancı said that international exchange in philanthropy contributes greatly to building effective strategies and creating lasting impact. She emphasized that in the past four years, Sabancı Foundation has developed a new strategy focused on the improvement of access and equal opportunities for women, youth and people with disabilities: "As a Turkish foundation, we have much to  learn from global foundations, yet we also have much to share in terms of our own experiences and practices.   Exchange of practices in the philanthropic sector not only strengthens our collective impact, but also multiplies the effects of our own individual social investments."   

Discussion around new inventions in philanthropy and social investments

More than 150 members of the Global Philanthropists Circle, including Chairman of the Sabancı Foundation Guler Sabancı and founder of the Global Philanthropists Circle David Rockefeller came together at the annual meeting, addressing the topic "Emerging Innovations in Philanthropy and Social Investment". Participants discussed new models and methods for increasing the impact of philanthropy and supporting civil society.

At the subsequent ‘University for a Night' event, also organized by Synergos,  representatives of foundations, philanthropists, international NGO leaders, writers and other esteemed guests gathered to honor the winners of the David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award. In recognition of their successful work with women and girls, the awards were granted to Jennifer and Peter Buffet (daughter-in-law and son of renowned businessman Warren Buffet), the Founders of NoVo Foundation and to Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi, the President of African Women's Development Fund from Nigeria.

Following the award ceremony, workshops were held on "role of women and girls as change agents", "changing women's lives through microcredit", "new paradigms in education and school reform" and "the role of philanthropists in climate change".

About the Synergos Institute

The Synergos Institute was founded by David Rockefeller and his daughter Peggy Dulany Rockefeller in 1986. The Institute aims to bridge the social and economic divide and reduce poverty through mobilization of resources. Synergos addresses global poverty through substantive initiatives within the scope of one of its leading programs, "Global Philanthropists Circle", generating a powerful impact. The organization consists of more than 200 established families and individuals from 20 countries.