Sabancı Holding A.Ş. Cement Group President Erhan Kamisli stated that they want to increase their cement production to 11 million tons by 2008 with an additional investment of USD 200 million. "After Akçansa's decision for USD 135 million investment, the Cement Group is a Turkey leader in white cement and cement production and exports. With the latest investment in the Çanakkale factory, we have also reinforced our leadership position in the Marmara region. In addition, this investment is an indicator of our successful partnership. As a result of our harmonious partnership with Heidelberg Cement, Akçansa will grow more and we will be able to have the opportunity to reinforce our leadership position in social responsibility. Akçansa which holds an ISO 14001 Environment Management Certificate, will also display its sensitiveness towards environment with this investment. The best example of this is that our facilities are the first enterprises of Turkey, which won the Environment Award of the Industry Ministry. Total value of our cement factories in the iMKB is above USD 1.2 billion. Our and our partner Heilderberg Cement has full faith in Turkey and cement sector. Therefore, our interest in the cement factories owned by TMSF is continuing. Çimsa is also interested in the tenders to be held by the TMSF. Çimsa is also growing fast. Our investment in Kayseri is growing fast. We became a world leader in white cement"

Noting that they invested USD 380 million from 1998 to 2005, Kamışlı added, "We will make an additional investment of USD 20 million by 2008. Therefore, our total investment in 10 years will be USD 580 million and increase to 11 million tons in 2008."