Sabancı Holding Achieves Double-Digit Revenue Growth in All Fields of Operation


Sabancı Holding declared its financial results for the first half of 2021. In the first half of the year when the pandemic continued its negative effect on the economy, Sabancı Holding continued to grow with its technology and sustainability focused investments and increased its consolidated net sales by 30 percent, to 35 billion 601 million TL in this period. In the same period, the Holding continued to strengthen its balance sheet resulting in a net profit of 3 billion 464 million TL.

“We Continue to Shape the Future”

Sabancı Holding CEO Cenk Alper, shared their sadness regarding the forest fires breaking out recently in different regions of our country, emphasizing that the Sabancı Group is supporting Turkey with all its means in this challenging time, before making assessments on the topic.

Cenk Alper made these statements on the first half year performance of the Holding: “We have continued to live the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that left deep marks on the world economy since the beginning of 2020. Despite all the negative conditions created by the pandemic, we continue to grow and create value for our investors and all our stakeholders. These results we have declared are an indicator of how important the digital transformation and technology investments we have accomplished are. The flexible and agile management our group companies displayed against uncertainties in local and global markets, strong supplier relations and continuous service approach that never compromises on quality is the most important indicator of this successful financial performance. With this inclusive approach, while we protect and grow our main line of businesses, we also shape the future of our Group within the scope of our 2021-2025 strategy we have implemented and taking our place among the leading player companies of the new normal in the world.”

Non-bank Combined Revenues Have Increased by 34 Percent

Cenk Alper stated that Sabancı Group increased its revenues by two-digit levels in all its fields of operation in the first half of 2021 adding; “In this period, our non-bank combined revenues have increased by 34 percent. Especially the high sales performance of our industry and building materials companies in local and global markets is significant. Our Building Materials field of operation has achieved a 67 percent growth in this period, leading the way in the rise of our nonbank revenues. Our Çimsa brand has crowned its international investment network with one of Europe’s most technological factories by incorporating Bunol, one of the leading white cement producers in the world. Thus, it carried out its leadership position in Turkey to the global arena.”

Stating that the industry line of business has also grown by 65 percent displaying the years long passion and competence of Sabancı Group in production, Cenk Alper said; “In this period, our Kordsa and Brisa companies strengthened their presence in global markets with the performances they displayed in the international arena while continuing to contribute to the economy of our country with their value added exports.
Our bank has also increased its credit support to our economy to a total of 373 billion TL, whose 307 billion is in cash, while continuing its support for the growth and improvement of the real sector with its strong consolidated capital adequacy ratio of 20.9 percent.

Our energy, retail and insurance fields of operation have also provided significant contributions to the sustainable growth of our Group with their technology focused investments, services and projects in this period.”

Alper, continued his statement by saying, “By making a capital increase of 300 million TL in Temsa which we very rapidly and strongly brought it back on its feet again with the PPF Group, we have also brought in a substantial resource to our economy in this challenging period. With the 91 million capital increase we realized in Teknosa we further strengthened our company financially.”

Regarding the insurance field of business, emphasizing that Aksigorta’s collaboration with its partner Ageas is getting stronger by the day, Cenk Alper said; “We carried this collaboration to the areas of private pension and life insurance. Thus, with our new brand AgeSA we continue on our path in a much more powerful manner.”

“We are Breaking Grounds in Sustainability”

Within the scope of their ‘pioneering in sustainability’ strategy, underlining that they have carried out significant projects in this period Cenk Alper continued by saying; “Within the context of our 2020 Sustainability Report we shared with the public in recent days, as sustainability indicators were calculated within the group, sustainable products and services were defined. By going through an independent audit in nearly 30 sustainability indicators throughout the group, we have broken ground in terms of the scope of the audit. Last year we have been the first Group in Turkey that announced their products and services in this area with 828 products and services in non-banking activities that contribute to the transition to sustainable economy. Having said that, the total volume of our Group’s investments in sustainable areas, R&D and environmental expenditures have been realized as 287 million TL in the same period. The ratio of our sustainability-focused R&D activities in our total R&D has reached to 44 percent. Moreover, we have established a “Board of Management Sustainability Committee” composed solely of our independent board members, in addition to our Sustainability Leadership Committee comprised of our senior executive representatives. We have been the first Group in Turkey with a powerful corporate structuring for sustainability by establishing two separate committees both at Board Management and at executive level.”

“We Are Beside Our Country Until All Wounds Are Healed”

Cenk Alper added that Sabancı Group has been continuing its operations ‘according to the principle of sharing what we have obtained from this land with its people’ for more than 90 years, making these statements on the forest fires experienced throughout the country: “We are all deeply saddened by the fires we experienced in our Aegean and Mediterranean regions and the losses we incurred. As the Sabancı Group beginning from the first day we used every means available in this situation. While prioritizing fighting the fire and defeating the fires in question, along with our Group companies, we have been by the side of our citizens harmed by the fire, in a spirit of solidarity. In this period, with the direction of related units, we have sent 41 water trucks to Muğla, Antalya, Denizli and Isparta regions. Especially our Enerjisa Üretim company, while focusing primarily on protecting their power plants and providing supply safety, also provided help to the local community in terms of equipment and construction vehicles.

In the coming period with our Sabancı Volunteers and all our Group companies, we will continue to support our country and our nation until all wounds are healed. With an inclusive, integrated and scientific approach we will use all our means for the correct rehabilitation of the ecosystem in the damaged areas. With all the Sabancı volunteers we will support the planting of a total of 1 million saplings in the next 5 years. Within the scope of all these practices, excluding the separate contributions made by our shareholders and Group companies, we will use a resource of more than 15 million TL to heal the wounds of the forest fires.”