Sabancı Holding and Akbank are also among 15 Companies in the Sustainability Index


zafer kurtul 3525-300x300Sabancı Holding and Akbank have also ranked in the BIST Sustainability Index initiated by Borsa Istanbul where 15 companies have been listed. The index is considered as an important tool to enable investors to distinguish and invest in companies which promote the principles of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. It is expected that the index where 15 companies selected among BIST 30 have been listed will contribute to sustainable development, sustainability and a better world.

Sabancı Holding’s CEO Zafer Kurtul stated the following about this matter: “Thanks to the BIST Sustainability Index where the companies within the BIST 30 index are listed, investors can now easily distinguish companies which adopt the principles of environmental and social sustainability and corporate social responsibility in their economic decisions and can also direct their investments accordingly. Therefore, it will be ensured that savings will meet with private sector organizations which are sensitive to social sustainability.

As Sabancı Community, with the principle of sustainability and the sense of corporate management that we have adopted, we aim to guarantee that our companies display transparent and responsible attitudes which pay regard to the interests of environment and society and which are devoted to ethical principles when they make economic decisions. That Sabancı Holding and Akbank are also listed in this newly-introduced index makes us proud because our sense of management and practices are thusly registered on the basis of global assessment criteria by an independent organization.”