Sabancı Holding focused on technology and digitalisation and achieved 10% growth in revenue


Sabancı Holding announced the financial results for 2019. According to these, the consolidated sales of the Group at 60 billion TL, showed 10% growth in revenue compared to the previous year.

Mr. Cenk Alper, the CEO of Sabancı Holding, made the following statements: “2019 was a year when we took many of the steps identified in our strategic roadmap and grew by way of distinguishing ourselves from the competition in our business lines. Positive results of our well-disciplined financial management based on our long-term perspective, were reflected in this period. Thanks to our strong operational profitability, effective cash management and decreasing indebtedness rate, we completed the year with a strong financial performance. Besides our strong financial management approach, we took positive steps in our long-term outlook towards the environment and sustainability, and particularly investment in renewable resources. We continued to be a leader in all industries we were involved in, with our focus on technology and digitalisation and we achieved growth.”

Expressing that they made significant progresses in the business lines, Mr. Alper added, “Akbank not only protected its strong balance sheet structure in 2019 but also made substantial investments in digital banking, in accordance with the technological trends. Moreover, we provided 269 billion TL credit support to our economy this year.

Our energy business line created the highest value again in our non-bank portfolio. We maintained our distribution investments in Enerjisa Enerji and we observed the positive results of our balanced production portfolio and effective processes in Enerjisa Üretim. Furthermore, Enerjisa Üretim managed to win contracts in two regions, namely Sydın and Çanakkale, out of four regions, as a result of the “Wind Energy Areas of Renewable Source of Energy 2 (YEKA-2)”. In this way, we won contracts for half of the 1000 MW capacity, which was made available for allocation within the scope of the tender in the portfolio of Enerjisa Üretim

We completed our fourth company acquisition in the field of composite materials, which is one of the business areas of the future, with Axiom Materials, with a focus on value added production in the industry. Accordingly, Kordsa has become the strategic supplier to players in the space and civil aviation industry. We are also maintaining our investments in Turkey. We have commissioned additional polyester thread investment for new generation production in Kordsa’s İzmit factory this year. In 2019 we started to position Brisa, the leader in the Turkish tyre market, as a company which offers mobility solutions rather than simply selling tyres. We have made great progress with our innovative production solution. With the smart factory equipment in our factories in Aksaray and İzmit, which started their operations in 2018, we achieved production with the use of the virtual reality technology.

With Çimsa we are taking firm steps towards global leadership in white cement in the cement industry, where we have been a leader player in Turkey for more than 40 years. In Akçansa, on the other hand, in 2019, we achieved the highest volume of exports in Turkish cement history, thanks to our logistics advantage and effective port management.

In our retail business line, we have focused on multiple channel experience, customer relationship management, digitalisation and data analytics. The digital campus of SabancıDx which assumes a driving role in the technological transformation of our Group has been put into operation. I believe that the innovative solutions and approaches to be generated in this campus will distinguish us in the digital world for the upcoming period.

One of the most important factors which enables us to achieve all these outstanding successes is the ongoing cultural transformation of our Group. We will add more value to our Group in the upcoming period by means of improving the competencies of our human resources They are our most important asset for the world of the future and making use of the power of the ecosystem.”

Noting that they will also keep making progress in 2020 in line with the strategic roadmap of “Sabancı of the New Generation”, Mr. Cenk Alper asserted, “Dynamic strategic portfolio management and technological and cultural transformation will continue to be our focus. We will maintain our priority on share performance. We will continue to pay regards to our sustainability responsibilities in all our activities, by also prioritising the requirements of the environment and climate change as included in our long-term strategy.”