Sabancı Holding Leads Sustainability with Its Zero Emission Goal


Sabancı Holding aims to reach “Net Zero” in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The Group also continues efforts to reach its “zero waste” goal, increasing circular business model practices and reviewing its processes.


Commenting on the topic, Sabancı Holding CEO Cenk Alper underlined that the approaches not based upon sustainability are no longer viable in the global economy and added: “At Sabancı Group, we do not consider sustainability as a topic to be considered in certain areas alone nor do we express our presence in limited areas only. On the contrary, we adopt a pioneering role in the society on this topic and we constantly push ourselves forward to do better. As we handle sustainability in all aspects, including environmental, social and governance, we thoroughly integrate this approach into every company and unit within our Group. Accordingly, we have decided to review our Group’s promise in cooperation with Group executives. With the support and approval of the entire Board of Directors, led by our Chairperson Güler Sabancı, we changed our Group’s promise to ‘We unite Turkey and the world for sustainable life through pioneering initiatives’.” 

Cenk Alper added the following: “On the other hand, within the scope of CDP, a global reference for environmental data, some of our Group companies attend various programs, most importantly Climate Change, at the leadership level. Previously, we recovered 20 percent of the water we use, and we reduced our energy and emission density by 20 percent. Within a few years, we cut the amount of wastewater by 17 percent throughout the Group. We have been among the first Groups to sign the Business Plastic Initiative that aims to fight against plastic pollution.

However, many methods and technologies required to reach sustainable development goals and especially to prevent climate crisis are not widespread in Turkey and the world in general. This is one of the reasons why various industries have varying paces globally. As Sabancı Group, we also operate in a variety of industries and lines of business. This means it is not an easy task to achieve. We know that we will achieve rapid progress in certain industries, while facing challenges in others. We intend to push our limits by employing our entire R&D and innovation powers and to reach our destination in the fastest way possible. Our cultural transformation process launched on the basis of people, digitalization and technology with the motto ‘Sabancı of New Generation’ will perform as a significant driving force. We aim to reach all of our goals, including ‘Net Zero Emission’ by the critical threshold of 2050 the latest. As we proceed, many goals that seem impossible to achieve today will become more attainable, as long as we, as the business world, set off today with might and main. Through our goals shared with the public, we are delighted to underline Sabancı Group’s overall mission to lead and be a model in the area of sustainability as well.


Stating that the COVID-19 pandemic revealed how fragile the world is in the face of a global crisis, Sabancı Holding Human Capital and Sustainability Group President Hakan Timur said, “We cannot afford acting slowly especially in solving the climate crisis. Setting a clear goal is the first step in achieving transformation. As Sabancı Holding, we have cooperated with all Companies to devise an extensive roadmap for our Group with the aim of achieving the long-term goals announced by our CEO Cenk Alper. This roadmap includes more than 100 short, medium and long-term actions and initiatives. In addition, as stated by our CEO Cenk Alper, this roadmap addresses not only actions against the climate crisis, but also all aspects of sustainability, namely Environmental, Social and Governance. It includes a number of goals focusing on generating value for people and the society, which has always been a priority for our Group. We will monitor all actions through periodic indicators, review our level of achievement and performance via our systems, and do our best to raise the bar continuously.”


Sabancı Group is listed in Borsa İstanbul Sustainability Index with 6 companies. Representing Turkey in World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), a globally leading business platform in sustainable development, Sabancı Holding also joined the Council’s global “CFO Network” that focuses on sustainable financing. Additionally, Sabancı Holding is a Board Member at Business Council for Sustainable Development Turkey (BCSD Turkey), which is the representative and business partner of WBCSD in Turkey.