Sabancı Holding’s Chairman of the Board Guler Sabancı’s assessment of the referendum result


Our country has carried out a peaceful, successful and high-participation referendum. I wish that its result brings goodness to all of us. 
guler_sabanci_100528_320x240.jpgBefore the referendum there had been a polarization more serious than anything that we had recently experienced. Now we have to respect Turkey's will, leave these polarizations behind, and use our country's energy to create a better Turkey looking towards the future.
We should also place more trust in our country, a country that is trusted by the whole world. We have important issues to resolve ahead of us. First of all, we have the responsibility of creating higher growth and more employment.
To this end we must listen to each other more, be tolerant to the differences of others, appreciate each other person's value more, and to work harder together, hand in hand.