Sabancı is on the CDP's Global Leaders List with its 5 Companies


Placing sustainability at the core of its Group Purpose, Sabancı continues to represent Türkiye on international platforms through its pioneering and exemplary efforts in this field. Reporting its environmental impact in full detail through CDP, a non-profit and global organization that manages the world's leading environmental reporting platform, Sabancı Holding has been included in the 2023 Global A List in the Climate Change category. Sabancı Holding is the only investment holding from Türkiye to make it to this list, and it has also upgraded its water security reporting grade to an A-.

In 2023, 9 out of the 11 Sabancı Group companies that reported to the CDP Climate Change Program were elevated to leadership level with an A or A- grade. Consequently, the number of Sabancı Group companies reporting to CDP and attaining leadership level tripled compared to the previous year.

On the other hand, in addition to Sabancı Holding, 4 more Sabancı Group companies were rated with an A grade by CDP in 2023, joining among the global leaders. Brisa raised the bar by being listed in the Global A list for both climate change and water security, while Carrefoursa and Enerjisa Enerji achieved an A grade in the area of water security. Temsa, participating in the CDP reporting process for the first time this year, made a significant achievement by being included in the Global A list for Climate Change in its very first year.


In his comments on the subject, Sabancı Holding CEO Cenk Alper reminded that out of over 21,000 companies whose CDP scores were announced this year, only 346 were included in the Climate Change Global A list, stating, "We are extremely proud to be among these companies as Sabancı Holding; and even more importantly, to represent Türkiye on this list with 5 of our group companies as Sabancı Group. In today's world, there is something more important than what you do, and that is how you do it. How you position sustainability in your company culture and investment criteria... As a group, we are continuously improving all our operational processes within our comprehensive sustainability roadmap. We demonstrate this through our transparent reporting processes. In the coming period, we will continue to expand our sustainability-focused projects and practices in our facilities and offices around the world, while also strengthening our mission to lead and set an example in this field."


Founded in the year 2000 and working with over 740 financial institutions that manage assets worth 137 trillion dollars worldwide, CDP leads in leveraging the power of capital markets and corporate purchasers to encourage companies to disclose their environmental impacts, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and conserve water resources and forests.

In 2023, globally, over 23,000 companies representing two-thirds of the global market value and more than 1,100 cities, states, and regions disclosed their data through CDP. Among these, the scores of approximately 21,000 companies were announced, and 346 companies succeeded in being included in the Climate Change Program A List.

Working to transform the operations of the business world with the aim of mitigating the effects of climate change and preserving natural resources, CDP holds the largest corporate climate change, water, and forest-risk data in the world. Since 2010, CDP's partnership in Türkiye has been undertaken by the Corporate Governance Forum of Sabancı University.