Sabancı Volunteers Win The Big Prize In The Peer Awards


Sabancı Volunteers, the social responsibility program of Sabancı Holding, was considered worthy of the great prize in Giving to the Community category by “The Peer Awards”. In the Peer Awards, inspirational business projects of companies and institutions are evaluated and rewarded by other companies and institution, and this year’s award ceremony was held in London’s historical Fortnum & Mason. This award represents an international recognition for the Sabancı Volunteers Program, the largest corporate volunteering initiative in Turkey.

Sabancı Volunteers Program consists of online and face-to-face trainings for the employees of the Group. The program is executed in two legs and Sabancı Group employees are at the heart of both. Volunteering projects, the first leg of the program, is created and implemented by the employees after their training. Within this scope, 350 active volunteers are currently running 45 different projects in various areas from equal education opportunity to health or from financial literacy to culture and arts. So far, they have contributed to the lives of more than 1,500 women through these projects.

The second leg of the Program consists of online trainings. The Program primarily has focused on the “women” issue for the first 3 years, and more than 10,000 employees of the Sabancı Group received various online trainings on Gender Equality, including topics such as “Concepts and Definitions”, “Education and Gender”, “Business Life and Gender”, “Violence Against Women”, and “Forced and Early Marriages”.