A concert consisting of the favourite songs of Late Sakip Sabancı, former Chairperson of Sabancı Holding Company, was performed as part of the commemoration activities organised on his 4th death anniversary.  The concert held at the Sabancı Centre was attended by Sakip Sabancı’s spouse Türkan Sabancı, children Sevil, Dilek and Metin Sabancı, granddaughter Melisa Sabancı Tapan, Sabancı Holding Chairperson Guler Sabancı, Sabancı Holding Vice Chairperson Erol Sabancı, other members of the Sabancı Family, senior managers of the Sabancı Group, and leading personalities from the world of art and science.
In her speech prior to the concert, Sabancı Holding Chairperson Güler Sabancı said, having imparted information about the commemorative activities: “A mawlid service will be held in his name at the Sabancı Merkez Mosque in Adana tomorrow, on Friday, 11th April.  On Thursday, 17th April, the street in front of the Dilek Sabancı Gymnasium in Antalya will be given the name “Sakip Sabancı.”  Mrs. Türkan Sabancı and family will attend that Ceremony.  On 8th May, the Sakip Sabancı Conference will be held at the Brooking Institute.  Former US Secretary of State Nick Burns will deliver a speech at the conference.  On 9th June the winners of the Sakip Sabancı International Research Awards will be selected at Istanbul.
Sabancı also declared that the Sakip Sabancı Convention Hall, situated at the Educational Complex of ISO Foundation, the preparations of inauguration of which have already been completed, would be opened in the coming months.
Guler Sabancı said that the constructions of Sakip Sabancı Urban Museum and Dilek Sabancı Exhibition Hall in Mardin were two of their projects in progress.
Stating that they aimed at making available by the next anniversary the convention hall of which construction had just started at the Sakip Sabancı Museum, and that the project was conducted by Sevil Sabancı, daughter of late Sakip Sabancı.
By the end of the concert of the Classical Turkish Music Chore conducted by Prof. Dr. Nevzad Atlig, late Sakip Sabancı’s friends took the stage, and sang the song “Eski Dostlar” (Good Old Friends) altogether.  Having presented a plaque to the Conductor Prof. Dr. Nevzad Atlig, Sakip Sabancı’s spouse Türkan Sabancı extended her thanks to all the attendees.
Within the framework of the commemorative activities, an exhibition containing cartoons of Sakip Sabancı drawn by various artists, and a slideshow were performed as well.