The life of Sakip Sabancı was celebrated on the 6th Anniversary of his death



A concert consisting of the favorite songs of the late Sakip Sabancı, former Chairperson of Sabancı Holding, was given as part of the commemoration activities organized on the sixth anniversary of his death. The concert, held at the Sabancı Centre, was attended by Sakip Sabancı's wife Turkan Sabancı, his daughters Dilek and Sevil Sabancı, Sabancı Holding Chairperson Guler Sabancı, Suzan Sabancı Dincer, Haluk Dincer, Serra Sabancı and other members of the Sabancı Family, along with senior managers of the Sabancı Group. Leading personalities from the world of business, art and science, such as Ibrahim Bodur, Ali Koc and his wife Nevbahar Koc, Erol Evgin and Orhan Gencebay were present at the ceremony.

Sabancı Holding Chairperson Guler Sabancı firstly took the floor and said: "We will commemorate him with his favorite songs on this sixth anniversary of his passing, amongst his good friends, with friendship and with love." Noting that they have been performing such a program for the five years since the death of Sakip Sabancı, Guler Sabancı said that from henceforth this responsibility would belong to Dilek Sabancı, and that she would support Dilek in this as much as possible, as she had always had done.

In her speech made before the concert, Sakip Sabancı's daughter Dilek Sabancı said "It has been exactly six years since we lost Sakip Sabancı.  He had an irreplaceable place in our lives, with his role as a business world identity, with his manifold social works and as the head of our family. It is very difficult to express him with only words.  We will remember him by listening to Turkish classical music, like we do every year. Mr. Sakip Sabancı had attached much importance to his friends. It had been very important for him to spend time with his friends. That's why the best way to commemorate him is to be with his friends."

After Dilek Sabancı's speech, the Classical Turkish Music Choir consisting of Sabancı employees and conducted by Prof. Dr. Yesim Altinel Coban took the stage and sang the favorite songs of the commemorated Sakip Sabancı. Additionally, Melihat Gulses, an artist formerly of TRT Istanbul Radio sang five songs.
The late Sakip Sabancı's wife, Turkan Sabancı, made a short speech at the end of the concert, "We have once again commemorated Sakip Sabancı, the head of our family, upon this 6th anniversary of his death. We have had our memories accompanied by the music of this concert. I would like very much to thank especially Prof. Dr. Nevzad Atlig who has contributed so much to this concert. I would like to congratulate Yesim Altinel Coban, our conductor who manages our choir, the employees of Sabancı, the valuable members of our choir, Aybige Demir, and the orchestra for this successful concert.  Finally, I would like to thank the orchestra and dear Melihat Gulses who entertained us with her beautiful voice this year, as she does every year".

At the end of the concert, Sakip Sabancı's friends took the stage and sang the song "Eski Dostlar" (Good Old Friends) together.