“The Portrait Of Sakıp Sabancı” in London


Worldwide renowned artist Kutluğ Ataman’s video installation “THE PORTRAIT OF SAKIP SABANCI”, constituting a moment of silence to commemorate the 10th year of Sakıp Sabancı’s passing, will be displayed at Royal Academy of Arts, one of London’s most prominent art center. “THE PORTRAIT OF SAKIP SABANCI” is meeting art enthusiasts around the world between June 13 – August 21, 2016 within the galleries of Royal Academy of Arts, London, with the support of Sabancı Holding.

Organized this year for the 248th time without interruption, Summer Exhibition this year will be curated by leading British sculptor Richard Wilson, RA, presenting artists all around the world to exhibit their works in an international platform.

Kutluğ Ataman’s “THE PORTRAIT OF SAKIP SABANCI” consists of the portrait photographs of thousands of people from all walks of life whose paths crossed Sakıp Sabancı. Comprising approximately 10,000 LCD panels, the work aims to reflect his personality with his innovativeness, his sharing and embracing nature, his overriding principle of always giving first priority to people and his love and respect for them. Throughout his life, Sakıp Sabancı who merged with people with his sharp intelligence, his sense of humor and warm manner had many windows opening to life and people. Kutluğ Ataman’s work makes visible all the windows opened by Sakıp Sabancı as well as emphasizing on Sabancı’s contribution to the development of technology in Turkey. The basic element of this work which utilizes the most advanced technology in visual arts consists of the people. The work, consisting of the passport sized photographs of thousands of people from all walks of life whose paths crossed the Sakıp Sabancı in some way, implements an extraordinary artistic idea, ‘beyond time’ as is worthy of the famous businessman.