The Turkish young people who will participate in “One Young World”, in association with Sabancı Holding, have been determined.


oyw_logo_orjinal.jpgThe Turkish young people who will participate in "One Young World" have been determined. One Young World is the world's largest youth summit and Sabancı is one of its key sponsors. Fifteen young people have earned the right to participate in the summit along with other young people from the over 140 who initially applied. The selection process had three stages: a video, the writing of an article and a group interview. Sabancı Holding will pay for all of the participation costs of the young people who have won the right to attend this year's "One Young World" being held in Zurich from 1-4 September. This summit is also known as the "Young Davos".

This year, notable world figures including the UN's former Secretary-General Mr. Kofi Annan, the world famous singer Sir Bob Geldof, the Bangladeshi Nobel peace laureate and economics professor Mohammed Yunus and Sabancı Holding's Chairman Ms Güler Sabancı will participate in One Young World alongside over 1500 young people from all over the world.

In addition to the requirement that all young people participating in the One Young World summit must have been born in or before 1993, they are all expected be inclined to teamwork, to demonstrate leadership potential, to be interested in global problems and to have participated in voluntary activities.

The young people will focus on a range of issues which have been submitted from 70 countries to the summit's "Global Consultation Procedure", topics which the selected young people consider need to be discussed immediately as a part of the summit's platform. These issues include "developing a new political leadership, contributing to the future's global business world and society, economic development, dialog between religions, environmental problems, the changing of identity, and the power of the media".

You can find detailed information about One Young World Summit at The Turkish delegation can be followed in Zurich along with all of the summit's developments of viaıholding andıholding

Last year, Sabancı Holding also gave fifteen young people from Turkey the chance to participate in this summit in which the entire world is represented in proportion to the countries' populations, with a total of over 1500 young people in attendance.


  • 1. İstem Duygu Akalp
  • 2. Didem Uygun
  • 3. Rasih Onur Suzen
  • 4. Ceyda Dogan
  • 5. Mehmet Kalyoncu
  • 6. Turgut Olemez
  • 7. Gizem Gorunmez
  • 8. Merve Ciftci
  • 9. Basak Arslan
  • 10. Ozge Tuzumet
  • 11. Cigdem Bayraktar
  • 12. Ugur Mustafa Gunduz
  • 13. Suleyman Askar
  • 14. Mehmet Uckun

Emre Ergin