Turkey's Largest Volunteering Program Accomplished by a Company, The "Sabanci Volunteers" Website is Now on Line


Carried out as a social responsibility program involving the whole Sabancı Group, the Sabancı Volunteers website is now on line at https://www.sabanci.com/sabanci-gonulluleri/index.html.

It is now possible to follow all the latest news about the Sabancı Volunteers program through the micro site under Sabancı Holding's corporate website. Visitors will be able to view the latest updates about the program, and apply to become a volunteer. Besides, users can also submit their feedback on the program through this platform.

About "Sabancı Volunteers"

The program aims to extend the scope of the philantropic works of Sabanci Holding which has been run by Sabanci Foundation for 41 years. The program moves ahead on two platforms: the online trainings, and the volunteering projects. Online trainings consist of five modules on women and gender equality. Sabancı University Gender Forum will be creating the content of the training modules. The titles of modules have been determined as "Concepts and definitions", "Education and Gender", "Business and Gender", "Violence Against Women", and "Early Marriage." All the content on women and gender issues will be communicated to 60,000 Sabancı employees through the online training.

As the second part of the Sabancı Volunteers platform, the volunteering training will be given in 7 centers, which will cover 40 cities. Through the trainers, the dynamics of volunteering will be communicated to 500 volunteering team leaders in all cities. These team leaders will then be asked to form teams of 10 in their own cities and workplaces to establish the needs of the women in their designated areas. Therefore, an army of 5000 volunteers will be formed. On the other hand, the newly built project pool will host the projects, and create a synergy. After 9 years, this will create a community of 45,000 Sabancı Volunteers that actively create permanent values in the society for the women, the youth, and the disabled.