“The Image of Turks in Europe in the 17th Century” exhibition has met viewers in the newly restored gallery building of Sabancı
University Sakıp Sabancı Museum.

Turks in Paintings

Sabancı University Sakıp Sabancı Museum, which recently expanded its
gallery space to 6500m2 from 4000m2 and earned a new image, is
hosting an important exhibition. The exhibition will be open to public
between July 13th – October 9th .

The “Image of Turks in Europe in the 17th Century” exhibition will be held at
Sabancı University Sakıp Sabancı museum, and will show how the Ottoman-
European relationships and political events has reflected in Arts, a theme
common with the previously held “Ottoman Grandeur at the Palaces of
Florence” exhibition. The exhibition that will be open to public between July
13th – October 9th is sponsored by RT Foreign Ministry, Slovenian Foreign
Ministry and the Credit Suisse Group.

Along with being a rich art collection for the museums, the large number of
portraits where the foreigners pose in Turkish costumes in their homeland after
fighting with the Turks, showing how “Fear from the Turks” converted into a
fascination, and the goods from the Ottomans that are either gained from
wars, received as presents or bought, and the important role that they played
in the European social life have always been interesting subjects for historians
and other social researchers.

In the exhibition which will be open between July 13th – October 9th, 92 oil
paintings, landscapes and engravings, coming from different Museums in
Central Europe (especially Slovenia) and private collections from England and
Turkey, will be displayed.

Sakıp Sabancı Museum New Gallery Building

With the addition of a new gallery building, the total area of Sakıp Sabancı
Museum has increased to 6700 m2 from 4000m2. With the new gallery building
which was built under the ground and completed in less then 10 months, there
are passages between existing galleries from 3 different levels. The new
gallery building has a conference room equipped with video projection, voice
over and interpretation systems for 200 people. The building which has state
of the art CCTV, system, night surveillance system, panel security tags,
personal and common voiceover systems and automated lighting is also
equipped with fire detection, smart building and water/gas fire extinguishing
systems. Also, the climate system at the building keeps the temperature at
21Co and humidity at 45-55%, throughout the year. The new gallery building
will host all kind of exhibitions in galleries with 8 m height.

“The Image of Turks in Europe in the 17th Century”
July 13th – October 9th Sabancı University Sakıp Sabancı Museum
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