Zafer Kurtul Has Become the New CEO of Sabancı Holding


Ahmet Dorduncu, member of Sabancı Holding's Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer has resigned from his roles.

Sabancı Holding Board of Directors has made the decision to appoint Zafer Kurtul as CEO. Mr. Kurtul has been serving as the Group President of the Sabancı Holding's Executive Committee responsible for Banking, and as Akbank Board of Directors' Vice President.

Sabancı Holding Chairperson Guler Sabancı said "I would like to thank Mr. Ahmet Dorduncu for all his contributions during the long years of his service, the last five years of which has seen him serving as the Sabancı Holding CEO. I wish him success on his new journey. Mr. Zafer Kurtul who also served as General Manager of Akbank, as Senior Manager, and as Group President Responsible for Banking will now take over the Sabancı Holding CEO role. I believe that, both, his own successful performances and his contributions to our Group will continue. And as Sabancı Group, we will continue working at creating value for our stakeholders, as always with a strong sense of responsibility".

Zafer Kurtul will commence his new role on July 19th, 2010.

Who is Zafer Kurtul?

zafer_kurtul_100602_orjinal.jpgMr. Zafer Kurtul graduated from Istanbul University's Faculty of Business Management's Finance Department and received his MBA degree in Finance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He assumed various management positions at Citibank, Chemical Mitsui Bank, BNP-Ak-Dresdner Bank, Societe Generale and Tekfenbank A.S. He joined Akbank in 1998 as Vice General Manager and served as General Manager from November 2000 to June 2009. Mr. Zafer Kurtul was appointed to the Board of Directors as Vice President in June 2009. Mr. Zafer Kurtul has Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) credentials and is a member of the Institut International d'Etudes Bancaires (Institute of International Bankers).