Ak Investment

The destination for next generation investing, Ak Investment’s advanced technology investments in 2019 included digitalizing its business processes and renewing TradeAll, its trading platform. Redesigning its internal business processes with automated workflows, Ak Investment provides investors with valuable market and product data via continuous information services.

Ak Investment prioritizes advanced technology and expertise. With this vision, Ak Investment provided investors with all types of market data by renewing the TradeAll application in 2019. The renewed TradeAll ensured direct and quick user access to domestic, international and forex markets.

Investing in financial literacy in 2019, Ak Investment launched PlayAll, the sector’s first financial game application for everyone interested in investment. PlayAll has made a difference in the sector by helping users learn about the investment world by gamifying the process and providing useful information. 

In 2019, Ak Investment boosted its net profit by 13% and increased its transaction volume market share by 17%. The company maintained its leadership position in structured borrowing instruments, executing 89 issuances during the year. Ak Investment ranked first in leveraged trading volume among all brokerage firms with a 16.5% market share in 2019.

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