Ak Portföy

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Akbank, Ak Asset Management reported a total portfolio size of  TL 44.3 billion at end-of-year 2019.

The company’s total assets under management expanded 79% year-on-year – outperforming the sector average. Posting 36% growth in investment funds, the company managed TL 12.3 billion in investment fund assets in 2019. Ak Asset Management manages 58 pension fund portfolios established by various global pension companies. As a result, Ak Asset Management is the leader among private sector institutions, managing pension fund assets totaling  TL 24.1 billion with 18.9% market share. 

Commencing operations in 2006, Ak Asset Management recorded 52% growth in Corporate and Individual Portfolio Management in 2019. The company managed assets totaling TL 6.1 billion in this segment as of year’s end and maintained its leading position among private portfolio management firms. Since 2016, Ak Asset Management has provided asset management services to Akbank Private Banking customers with a holistic service approach. The company is focused on further developing its activities and adding value in this privileged business line. 

In 2019, Ak Asset Management introduced FonPro – Turkey’s first mobile pension investment management platform – with the cooperation of Avivasa. This innovative offering meets the expectations of new generation investors with advanced digital technologies. 

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