With sustainable steps, Aksigorta has worked towards a customer-oriented and innovative vision since its establishment in 1960. Continuing to build upon its strong brand recognition and value with the partnership of Ageas and Sabancı Holding in the Company, Aksigorta maintained profitable growth in the insurance business in 2016.

Serving thousands of individual and institutional clients across Turkey through 16 regional directorates, more than 2,300 independent agencies, 900+ Akbank branches, 85 brokers and 4,900 contracted institutions, Aksigorta has been offering customized value-added solutions to customers for 56 years in accordance with its corporate values. The Company responds proactively to the needs of the marketplace through a portfolio of differentiated products.

Determined to lead the sector with a contemporary and dynamic brand identity, Aksigorta develops innovative, customer-oriented products and services. It ranks as one of Turkey’s leading non-life insurance companies with a robust capital structure of TL 427 million in equity capital; it is also a profitable enterprise with TL 1.9 billion in premium generation. Aksigorta serves individual and institutional clients across Turkey with a comprehensive lineup of products, from health, travel, auto and mandatory earthquake insurance to business insurance and liability insurance.

In business for 56 years thanks to an unwavering commitment to its values, Aksigorta got even stronger in 2011 with the partnership between Sabancı Holding and Ageas, a Belgium-based insurance company with more than 180 years of experience. Aksigorta’s business strategy is focused on making an increasing contribution to the growth and development of the insurance industry, broadening public awareness about insurance, reaching all segments of society with its insurance products and services, and becoming the leading insurance company.

Possessing a major presence in the bancassurance segment, an increasingly important channel in the insurance industry, thanks to its affiliation with Akbank, another Group company, Aksigorta plans to use this channel more actively by also leveraging Ageas’ vast global experience in this area. As part of this effort, the Company made strategic investments in information technology systems infrastructure in 2016.

Focusing on customer satisfaction in 2014, Aksigorta made changes in its business conduct and culture in an attempt to offer unprecedented customer experience. As part of culture transformation initiative, the Company updated its vision and mission statements in 2014. Aksigorta’s new vision is “To make insurance easy, lean and accessible for everyone” whereas its new mission statement is “To create a unique insurance experience for our customers to support the continuity and ease of life while creating value for all stakeholders.”

Aksigorta, through its Service Center and website, provides 24/7 service in many areas of its business, from submitting and tracking an initial claim to other insurance services. Aksigorta Service Center supports clients with a continuous service approach, starting at the price quote stage and intensifying when there is a claim.

Aksigorta offers extensive assistance service for its auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance packages and health insurance products as part of the agreements it entered into with external suppliers in an attempt to maximize service quality and customer satisfaction. In the auto insurance and health insurance segments, the Company renders the highest quality service in the shortest period of time to customers in every corner of Turkey through an affiliate service network.

Aksigorta continues to be actively involved in social responsibility initiatives. In an effort to educate elementary and middle school children on ways to protect themselves and their loved ones from disasters such as earthquake and fire and to create insurance awareness among them, Aksigorta launched Turkey’s first Fire and Earthquake Simulation Center (YADEM) in 1996 and then donated this asset to the Şişli Municipality Science Center Foundation in 2006. In 2015, YADEM was donated to Istanbul Technical University’s Science Center. Acting out of its mission of raising insurance awareness in Turkey, Aksigorta teamed up with the Search and Rescue Association (AKUT) to develop a social responsibility project known as “Life Goes On, Turkey” that aims to educate the public at large regarding actions to be taken in preparation for and during natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods.

In 2016, Aksigorta invested in its IT systems and human resources infrastructure while focusing on profitable channels and segments to stand apart from the competition. In continuation of these strategies, the Company is committed to achieving sustainable profitability in 2017.


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