Despite the pandemic, Aksigorta extended their solid performance thanks to comprehensive digitalization efforts.

In 2020, digitalization became a must in the financial services sector due to the coronavirus pandemic. Aksigorta successfully digitalized all its business processes and further increased customer satisfaction during this challenging year.

Developments in 2020

Fundamental Changes in the Sector

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic negatively affected the entire world and caused major changes in the insurance industry. During a time when concern for the future preoccupied much of the population, individuals better understood the importance of insuring themselves, their loved ones and their personal belongings. The year’s prominent themes in the insurance sector included “quick adaptation to changes,” “customer-orientation,” “digitalization,” “sustainability” and “new business models.”

Strong Growth in the Insurance Sector

In 2020, the Turkish insurance industry produced a total of TL 65.4 billion in non-life insurance premiums. The sector recorded total growth of 18%: 9% in the motor third party liability, 15% in MoD, 26% in non-motor and 21% in health insurance.

In private pensions, the total PPS participant base including auto-enrollment climbed to about 12.6 million. Total funds under management grew to TL 170 billion, including government contributions. Growth in life insurance reached a record high 25%, especially due to the acceleration in housing and personal loans.

Priorities in 2020

Since its founding, Aksigorta has differentiated in the insurance sector with its well experienced staff. During the year, the company adopted the remote working method to safeguard the health and well-being of its employees. Aiming to develop practices that will improve performance while working at home, Aksigorta transformed the remote working model into an opportunity for continuous improvement. The company was committed to keeping employees engaged and ensuring team cohesiveness in the remote working environment. To this end, Aksigorta launched numerous practices to consolidate the motivation and performance of its employees while they worked from home.

Performance in 2020

Aksigorta, moving forward with the vision “Making insurance simple, lean and accessible,” boosted its premium production to TL 5.3 billion in 2020, an increase of 18% year-on-year. Total assets climbed to TL 9,165 million. In this challenging year, Aksigorta reported net income of TL 374 million by focusing on innovation, analytics, artificial intelligence and new technology investments with a customer-oriented approach. Aksigorta achieved growth of 11% in motor third party liability, 23% in MoD, 20% in non-motor section and 21% in health. By taking proactive steps to reach its targets, Aksigorta maintained its 8.3% market share.

In 2020, digitalization became a must in the financial services sector due to the coronavirus pandemic. Aksigorta successfully digitalized all its business processes and further increased customer satisfaction during this highly challenging year. In addition, Aksigorta’s customer­oriented technology initiatives were recognized with prestigious awards in 2020.

Digitalization, Technology and Investments

Digital Security Platform

The convenience provided by technology has accelerated digital transformation in Turkey, and across the world. However, this technology-based environment has dramatically increased digital security risks. Launching a major sustainability initiative in digital security, Aksigorta helps inform society about growing risks in the digital world with its Digital Security platform. The company collaborated with Boğaziçi University Lifelong Learning Center and Boğaziçi University Management Information Systems Cybersecurity Center to develop the informational platform. Free online digital security trainings feature on the platform with special content for each target audience (e.g. home and SME). The Digital Security platform aims to raise society’s awareness and knowledge of digital risks, while preparing both institutions and individuals to more securely navigate our increasingly digital world.

Fiat Connect Collaboration

In 2020, Aksigorta launched the customized policy era with Fiat Yol Arkadaşım Connect MOD. This innovative offering is a first in Turkey in motor own damage insurance and was developed in cooperation with Fiat. Thanks to this advanced technology application, the motor own damage insurance rate is calculated taking into account the number of days of use and the customer’s driving score. Drivers using this app enjoy discounts of over 10% on motor own damage policies depending on the duration of vehicle use. The customer’s driving score is calculated by analyzing vehicle usage data. Fiat Connect insurance policies are issued by Aksigorta. During the year, Aksigorta also commenced sales of DASK (Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool/TCIP) products via the Vodafone Yanımda mobile app and sales of “Nolur Nolmaz (Just in Case)” insurance through Vodafone Call Center. Aksigorta developed APIs with the Vodafone Yanımda mobile app in order to initiate and finalize the entire sales process on the digital platform. In 2021, Aksigorta plans to add other products to its growing and innovative portfolio.

ADA (Aksigorta Digital Assistant)

Introducing ADA (Aksigorta Digital Assistant), the first artificial intelligence application of the insurance sector, Aksigorta realized more than 4 million successful transactions in the last two years and managed to increase its customer satisfaction score by 3 points. Completing over 90 work processes in eight different departments, ADA was awarded the “Best Cost-Cutting IT Project” by IDC.

Chat-Fast Solutions

Aksigorta’s ClaimsChat application provides a chat-fast response to customer claims. A WhatsApp group – consisting of an expert, a filing officer, the service provider and the customer service representative – is created by artificial intelligence. Transparent and fast communication is ensured with the WhatsApp group which is formed shortly after notice of a claim. The policyholder sends photographs of the damage to the WhatsApp group; then, the claim document is indexed automatically. Subsequently, the expert asks the customer questions to generate the claims report. The filing officer shares claims and payment information with the WhatsApp group. When the process is complete, the AI executes a sentiment analysis of the conversation and automatically sends the data to the CRM system.

By digitalizing the quotation stage with its chatbot app, Aksigorta continuously improves its defined operational services to be faster and more reliable.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies

As an innovation leader, Aksigorta introduced the use of artificial intelligence to the Turkish insurance industry. Aksigorta started conducting risk pricing processes with the support of AI, a major development for the end-user. Achieving yet another first in the insurance industry, Aksigorta began to price its entire individual MTPL portfolio via artificial intelligence in 2020. With this innovative effort, Aksigorta won the “Best Business Development Project” award at the IDC CIO Awards. The company manages pricing processes with AI especially in motor third party liability insurance, a major step forward in the sector. Aksigorta aims to utilize AI-supported pricing for other products as well in the coming year.

Data Analytics

Finalizing its advanced data analytics investments, Aksigorta conducted joint studies with Sabancı University and SabancıDx on agency behavior prediction and MOD potential analysis. By establishing a data governance structure based on its research, Aksigorta ensured that appropriate data ownership is achieved across the organization. Aksigorta’s data analytics management was recognized with an award from IDC CIO.

Customer First

At Aksigorta, a Customer First team is formed to support customers until their issues are resolved. This approach provides Aksigorta customers with a reliable and easy complaint resolution experience. The Customer First team analyzes complaint data in detail and extracts customer insights. Subsequently, the dedicated team prepares and publishes customer stories as case studies. The Customer First team also designs new processes in line with customer expectations by meeting with business units on development areas based on Aksigorta customer stories.

2021 Priorities and Industry Strategy

Future Outlook

Aksigorta plans to create even more value in the future in parallel with its objective to achieve profitable growth. Adopting a customer-oriented approach, Aksigorta pursues sustainable growth by prioritizing digitalization and technology. The company also plans to take steps to bolster its already strong ties with its nationwide agency network. Aksigorta aims to continue its sustainable growth with its transparent and solid balance sheet, robust capital structure, and balanced product and channel portfolio. Capitalizing on technology and digitalization, Aksigorta targets developing additional innovative products and solutions that will differentiate the insurance experience. Empowering the next-generation insurance with other brand ecosystems, Aksigorta plans to create innovative insurance solutions that add value to consumers. The company is committed to ensuring its future success with customer-oriented products and services. To this end, Aksigorta’s strategic priority is effectively using next-generation technologies, such as big data, advanced data analytics, cybersecurity, industrial IoT, robotic workforce, artificial intelligence and blockchain. In the coming year, Aksigorta aims to reach an even wider audience with its Digital Security platform, an effort launched in 2020 to raise societal awareness of the increased risks in the digital world.

Area of activity:

Non-life insurance activities

Countries of activity:


Number of provinces:


Distribution channel:

10 regional directorates, more than 3 thousand independent agencies, 716 Akbank branches, 102 brokers and almost 6 thousand contracted institutions

Digital sales channels:



Fire, Marine, Accident, Engineering, Agriculture, Legal Protection, Personal Accident, Health, MTPL, Auto Insurance, Credit, Travel, Building, Cybersecurity, Pati Pet and Loan Insurance etc.

Number of customers:

3.3 million

Number of employees:


Total premium production:

TL 5,272 million

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According to data as of 31.12.2020.


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