Sabanci Holding, one of the leading players of the industry with its experienced and specialized companies in their respective fields, realized 30% of Turkey’s cement exports in 2019 through Akçansa and Çimsa.​


Çimsa signed the purchase contract of the white cement factory Buñol in Spain for $180 million. Competition approval process is ongoing.


Akçansa and Çimsa directed their investments and focus to value added products and digitalization in 2019.

Sector and Sabancı Çimento Group companies - 2019 priorities

The Turkish cement industry is the largest producer of Europe, with 54 integrated production plants, 22 grinding plants and a production capacity of approximately 100 million tons. In 2019, the Turkish cement industry steered towards exports with the consumption contraction in the domestic market and it rose to the world's second-largest exporting country level.

Akçansa and Çimsa account for 16% of total clinker capacity of Turkey

Çimsa is engaged in the cement and building materials sector with five integrated factories in Kayseri, Mersin, Eskişehir, Niğde and Afyonkarahisar, a grinding plant in the USA and Ankara, Malatya Cement Packaging Plant, 22 ready mixed concrete plants and international terminals.

In 2019, approximately 30% of Turkey's cement exports from Sabancı Group

The Group increased its cement export revenue from TRY 1.2 billion in 2018 to TRY 1.8 billion in 2019.

Çimsa, a leading global brand in white cement, continued to contribute to our country in 2019. With its seven terminals abroad, it has exported white cement and unique products to over 65 countries, especially in the Middle East, Europe, North Africa and America. With the logistic advantage of the Mersin Plant, Çimsa reached approximately 3 million tons of exports in 2019, with a 52% increase compared to the previous year and enhanced its export revenues by 32%.

Despite the contraction in the domestic market, with the contribution of foreign sales, the total sales amount was closed in parallel with the previous year, and energy input costs increased due to both prices and exchange rates. Building Materials Group companies have made a difference despite this increase, both with improvements in fuel and raw material bill of materials and by using the advantages of logistics networks.

With the integration of the Buñol Factory in the production and distribution network, Çimsa aims to establish a strong export network in Europe, as well as in North Africa and South America markets by cornering the market in a wider geography. In the same year, Çimsa completed its grinding plant investment in the USA, which is the first greenfield investment abroad and with a 40% increase in production capacity, it will become the leader in global white cement trade.

Highest alternative fuel utilization rate reached in 2019

Overall, with 15% in Akçansa and 8% in Çimsa (including Afyon factory), alternative fuel utilization rate reached the highest in our group's history. Akçansa Büyükçekmece factory is positioned as a solution partner to the waste problem of Istanbul. Energy recovery is enabled by using most of the dried sludge from the treatment plants of İSKİ in Istanbul as fuel in the Büyükçekmece plant. In 2019, Akçansa especially achieved significant success by using 23% alternative fuel at its Samsun Ladik factory.

Pioneer in technology driven production

Çimsa created its cloud infrastructure to develop projects with big data as part of the Advanced Data Analytics program initiated with SabancıDx in 2019. Machine learning project was developed in order to reduce electricity consumption in cement and raw mills. The targeted benefit is to reduce annual electricity consumption by 16,160 MWh and save TRY 5-7 million. Dissemination and productization efforts are ongoing at all Çimsa plants within the scope of the project.

Focusing on Industry 4.0 projects with the digital strategies it develops, paying more attention to smart factory systems, data analytics and efficiency, Çimsa's R&D Center Formülhane continues its activities as a global solution center for the requirements of cement users within the Mersin Plant. In this center, while products providing 40% less carbon emissions are explored, it creates a difference as the first Ministry approved R&D Center in the Turkish cement sector. Two Horizon 2020 projects are being carried out in the center, which recently benefited from European Union funds.


Çimsa focuses on creating value for the environment, society and national economy within the scope of sustainability efforts. It takes social and environmental factors into consideration while realizing its investments and setting up product and service development practices. With its specified waste policy, Çimsa aims to contribute to a clean environment, add value to its main activities, to protect the health of its stakeholders by managing the disposal of wastes in a modern manner.

Corporate social responsibility

Çimsa carries out social responsibility activities with a sustainability perspective that creates value for the society and deems education as one of the areas that needs the most institutional support in Turkey and attaches great importance on projects aimed to support children.

With the Yaz Çocukları project, which has been ongoing for nine years, Çimsa contributes to children in rural regions in gaining the will to succeed, developing teamwork and cooperation skills, and it also supports their emotional, social and physical development. The project was initiated in 2011 with the participation of children of Çimsa Niğde Factory employees. In 2019, 116 children were trained during the sessions in Niğde and Kayseri, reaching approximately one thousand children in nine years.

In addition, Çimsa has been cooperating with Mersin Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of Disability Week for five years, contributing to the provision of electric wheelchairs for disabled people. In the project, 191 electric wheelchairs were delivered to those in need.

2020 priorities

The contraction in the domestic market in 2019 caused Akçansa and Çimsa to focus on exports, and working at full capacity resulted in breaking a record in exports. In addition to the continuation of this success in exports, the priority of Sabancı Group cement companies for 2020 is to implement high value added digital transformation projects. In this respect, works involving smart factory systems and cloud solutions are progressing rapidly with the goal of improving production and energy utilization efficiency.

Çimsa, which signed the purchase of the Buñol Factory, one of the world's leading cement manufacturers in 2019, will continue its integration operations in 2020.

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