Teknosa, a company established in 2000 with 100% Sabancı Holding and Sabancı Family capital, operates with the philosophy of “Technology for Everyone.” It is a sector leader and the most widespread technology retail company in Turkey. Starting out in 2000 with five store locations, Teknosa provides uninterrupted services with 210 stores, teknosa.com and a mobile platform today.

Teknosa creates a distinctive and pleasant shopping environment for customers with around 123 thousand m2 of net sales area that feature a wide range of products. Over 200 million people visited Teknosa retail stores and teknosa.com last year. Teknosa, a company that provides customers with the newest technology products through 2,688 employees, closed fiscal year 2016 with turnover of TL 3.1 billion.

Teknosa shares have traded on Borsa Istanbul since May 17, 2012.

Teknosa places a priority on training personnel who are experts in their respective areas in order to raise customer and employee satisfaction to the highest level. Teknosa Academy, founded in 2005 to cultivate the technology retailers of the future, aims to train staff on innovations in the sector and improve their skills. Teknosa guides the career paths of its employees with online and offline training from the first day of their employment. The first of its kind in the sector, the academy has had over 12 thousand graduates to date, since the day it was established.

Conducting its operations with a customer oriented scientific retail approach, Teknosa follows the customer’s needs and expectations that develop after sales through every channel with the Customer Services organization. The Company is the first to implement this approach in the industry. The demands of customers are fulfilled via Customer Service points established in the stores in addition to the 0 850 222 55 99 Call Center.

Over the years, Teknosa has implemented many services and applications that are the first in the sector. The Company aims to be the sole address for technology and reinforce a service provider identity beyond just products. Teknosa continues to develop these innovations to add value for its customers.

In 2015, Teknosa was the first in the industry to provide mobile line and communications services under the Teknosa Mobil brand. In June 2016, the Company started making it possible for customers to purchase whatever phone they wanted in installments over their Teknosa Mobil bill, combining both the communication and technology product needs of customers in one bill. The Teknosa Mobil brand was changed to Teknosacell in January 2017.

Acting as an industry leader with its own specialized brand of smart products, Teknosa first made Preo brand smart phones and watches available to consumers. Teknosa continued to expand its product range at the start of 2016 with a variety of accessories. Most recently, the virtual glasses product Preo My VR Box, gaming products and Pwatch 3 joined the Preo family.

Providing customers with guidance in their technology purchases, Teknosa constantly improves after sales value added services in line with new technology and evolving customer needs. While providing additional warranties with TeknoGaranti, a wide range of services from technology installation to support and protection are available according to customer preferences in the retail store, over the phone, at home or at work under the Dr. Teknolog umbrella.

The Connected Store initiative enables customers to access the products they want anywhere with affordable terms and enhance their experience with Teknosa, kicking off a whole new era in the sector. Teknosa has connected tens of thousands of product types and all field staff with tablets. Using special applications, Teknosa made it possible for all store employees to have access to product and stock information. Via a payment system implemented on the tablet, the Company has also eliminated wait times for customers at the cash registers.

As a result of cooperating with the world’s most valuable entertainment brand Walt Disney Company, Disney Collection products were available in select Teknosa stores in a “shop within a shop” format as of end - August. Disney Collection products, designed in California, are being sold for the first time in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region in Turkey at Teknosa. Toys, clothing, plush items, stationery, costumes and over 400 products are available to consumers at Teknosa.

At the Informatics 500 awards, Teknosa won first place in the “Retail Chain” main category and in the “Audio and Visual Systems” category and second place in the “Information Technologies” category. In addition to winning first place in the “Telecommunication” category at the 14th Golden Spider Awards with Teknosa Mobil, Teknosa was named the people’s favorite in the “Retail & Merchandizing” category for its online shopping platform. The Teknosa Connected Store project, a first in the sector, also won Best IT Governance Project of the Year and first prize in the “Customer Experience” category at the IDC CIO Awards.

Teknosa was presented with the Best Liked Brand award in the “Technology Market” category of the MediaCat Journal Study this year. In the study conducted by Roamler Turkey and Marketing Turkey, Teknosa was selected as the Most Social Brand designation in the “Technology Stores” category.

Teknosa executes social projects in many different fields—from education to sports and the environment to the arts—with the responsibility of being Turkey’s leading technology retailer. The Company is committed to serving the community and making sure wide audiences are able to benefit from technology. Under its Technology for Women project, Teknosa organizes technology courses in various provinces of Turkey for women free of charge. This program, initiated in 2007, has provided training to over 15 thousand women from 61 different provinces. With this project, Teknosa aims to contribute to the social and professional lives of women by making them technology literate.

Among the supporters of eSpor, which has many followers in Turkey, Teknosa is the main sponsor of League of Legends, a game played by nearly 4 million young people.

Teknosa also aims to set an example for other companies in the sector with an environmentally responsible approach and activities. Undertaking efforts for the collection and recycling of batteries and electronic waste by way of its stores and state-of-the-art logistics network, the Company collects waste, even picking up these materials from premises when necessary, as part of its environmentally responsible credentials.

Teknosa also owns the İklimsa brand that operates in the air-conditioning sector. Positioned as the “Air-Conditioning Center of Turkey,” İklimsa offers customers the world’s leading air-conditioning brands housed in distinctive showrooms, backed by Sabancı Holding’s 30 years of experience in the air-conditioning sector. Its product portfolio includes Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Samsung and Sigma (private label brand) air conditioners and General and Sharp fridges. Offering nearly 200 models under four distinct brands, İklimsa serves customers via 199 authorized dealers in 44 provinces and 222 authorized servicing points in 64 provinces across Turkey. The Company also focuses on after-sales services to ensure customer satisfaction and renders outstanding service quality to customers in every corner of Turkey.

In pursuit of its sustainability and increased customer loyalty objectives, Teknosa focuses on providing a seamless customer experience through a multi-channel strategy. The Company will accelerate efforts regarding innovative services and enhancement of its infrastructure, and continue investments.


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