In 2020, Sabancı Retail Group companies Carrefoursa and Teknosa managed to increase their online sales volume 4 times through their digital platforms.

As of the end of 2020, Sabancı Retail Group companies serve consumers through 699 food markets and 211 technology stores in 70 cities.

Retail Transformation Program

Thanks to holistic transformation programs executed by Sabancı Holding retail companies - including New Generation Market of Carrefoursa and Teknosa of the New Generation – successful operational results were achieved in 2020.

Teknosa prioritized CRM and data analytics efforts to redesign the systematic processes to be customer-oriented and lean, and to provide customers with the best experience. In line with these efforts, Teknosa improved its customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Global pandemic adversely affected economies, sectors and the retail sector all over the world. Besides, the food retail industry, in which Carrefoursa operates, worked uninterruptedly to meet the basic needs of consumers and continued its strong growth. With the transformation in education, economy and social life, and the acceleration of digitalization, technology needs became indispensable in this process. The increasing demand of consumers affected the sector where Teknosa operates positively.

The organized food retail market grew 27.3% compared to the previous year and reached a volume of TL 174 billion. The technology products market reached a volume of TL 89 billion with an increase of 37.8%.

Priorities in 2020

Both companies attached importance to the health of their employees, customers and society and implemented health and safety measures at the highest level since the outbreak of the pandemic. Teknosa and Carrefoursa put all guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior into practice to the fullest extent by constantly disinfecting its stores, distributing masks and health kits to its employees and offering services in compliance with social distancing measures.

Ensuring that everyone reaches their vital needs such as food and hygiene products, Carrefoursa continued its services through its stores and online channels without interruption. Teknosa became the first technology retailer that closed its stores in accordance with health measures. Between March 22 and June 1 when Teknosa stores were closed and in times when measures were taken, Teknosa continued its seamless services via teknosa.com and mobile application.

In Teknosa, new processes have been introduced to analyze the data with artificial intelligence algorithms and to optimize the customer experience. As of the end of 2020, there are 17.5 million individual customer data at Teknosa. In order to offer consumers the right product mix at the right locations, acquire new customers, increase the productivity of stores, making dynamic pricing, stock and expense optimization, reaching turnover and profitability targets; data-based analyzes were developed and operational efficiency has been increased.

Within the scope of rising online shopping trends, Teknosa developed web-chat, WhatsApp and telesales applications to provide one-on-one service to customers. Launching the first video-chat application in the Turkish organized retail market, Teknosa provides store experience in the virtual platform. Additionally, Teknosa made a difference in the sector with same-day and next-day delivery services in over 40 provinces.

Performance in 2020

Thanks to the progress achieved in digitalization and customer-focused transformation with the motto “Teknosa of New Generation,” Teknosa maintains its healthy and continuously rising performance. Despite a difficult year shadowed by the effects of the pandemic, the 2020 turnover of Teknosa grew by 36% compared to the previous year to TL 5.6 billion. Teknosa’s net income rose to TL 85.3 million from a loss of TL 148.6 million - achieving an increase of TL 234 million.

Teknosa’s online channel, teknosa.com also had a very successful year by making a difference in service quality. In the second quarter of the year, when the stores were closed for 2 months due to the pandemic, record growth of 580% was achieved in online sales. Teknosa’s online revenues grew 3.6-fold annually to exceed TL 1 billion. An increase of 40% was achieved in terms of the number of visitors. As a result, the share of online sales in retail sales reached 19%.

Offering services through 211 stores in 68 cities in addition to teknosa.com and mobile platforms, Teknosa is the most widespread technology retail company in Turkey. The Company welcomed nearly 175 million visitors in its stores and teknosa.com throughout the year.

Women-Focused Support Projects

Technology for Women Project

Since 2007, Teknosa has provided digital literacy training to more than 20 thousand women as part of the “Technology for Women” project. In 2020, courses were moved to the online platform due to the pandemic and more than 2,500 women across Turkey participated the education program.

As a signatory of the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), a joint initiative of UN Global Compact and UN Women, since 2018, Teknosa has committed to seven principles for establishing corporate policies to promote gender equality and become the first technology retailer from Turkey to have taken part in this platform.

Environmentally-Friendly Actions

Teknosa continued to work towards the efficient use of natural resources, energy efficiency, waste management, and waste recycling in 2020. Teknosa undertook the following efforts for energy efficiency:

With the automation system installed in 56 stores that does not allow manual intervention, around 15% (1.73 million kW on an annual basis) of energy has been saved.

With the use of LED lighting in the Gebze logistics center and 114 stores, 4.3 million kW of energy has been saved annually. LED lighting was placed in new and renovated stores.

In an attempt to reduce CO2 emissions, 71% of the vehicles in the rental vehicle pool have been converted to hybrid vehicles.

2021 Priorities and Industry Strategy

Teknosa will focus on providing its customers with a comprehensive and end­to-end experience to meet their increasing technology needs due to the acceleration of digitalization. In this context Teknosa’s priorities are to improve the e-commerce channels, develop new applications where online and physical experiences are blended, offer innovative products and services in line with the expectations of customers and to evaluate alternative channels and business models in the coming period. Teknosa plans to use data analytics effectively and increase the value it creates for its stakeholders by investing human resources and technology.

Area of activity

Technology retailing

Countries of activity


Number of provinces


Number of Stores

211 stores (including 23 Carrefoursa sales points)

Digital sales channels

teknosa.com and mobile application (iOS and Android)

Number of visitors

175 million

Sales area

97 thousand m2

Number of employees


Customer data

17.5 million

Sabancı Holding share




According to data as of 31.12.2020.


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