As of the end of 2019, Sabancı Retail Group companies serve consumers through 634 food markets and 200 technology stores in over 70 cities.


Teknosa is the most widespread technology retail company in Turkey with 200 stores in 68 cities. Nearly 200 million people visited Teknosa stores and Teknosa.com during the year.


Thanks to holistic transformation programs executed by Sabancı Holding retail companies – including New Generation Market of Carrefoursa and New Generation Teknosa of Teknosa – successful operational results were achieved in 2019.

Teknosa is in the leading position in the electronics retailing market, while Carrefoursa is among the leading players in the multi-format segment in the food retailing market.

Sabancı Retail Group companies are providing services with differentiated formats positioned in line with the needs of the customers.

The positive impact of the recovery in the country’s economy as of the second half of 2019 on the retail sector has been observed in the consumer confidence index and sectorial turnover index results that are announced in the third quarter of the year. 

The retail sector achieved 5% real growth in the third quarter. The most important data to support this growth is the increase in turnover per square meter. The index recorded an increase of 15.9% compared to the previous year while food retail has shown an increase of 13.7%. The technology products market reached a volume of TL 65 billion in 2019 with an increase of around 10%. 

Teknosa holds the leading position in the electronics retailing market, while Carrefoursa is among the leading players in the multi-format segment in the food retailing market. 

Sabancı Group retail companies are providing services with differentiated formats positioned in line with the needs of the customers. Teknosa operates under three format types: Standard, Extra and Exxtra. Carrefoursa operates under four format types: Hypermarket, Supermarket, Gourmet and Mini. Both companies are continuing their investments in technology with the focus of growth in e-commerce, to be more accessible. 

Transformation programs 

Teknosa has launched the “New Generation Teknosa” transformation program in the second half of 2019 in line with the vision for a Teknosa that creates more value for all its stakeholders, which has a stronger financial structure and is sustainable.

While strengthening the customer experience within the scope of this program, Teknosa restructured its processes as per the company’s sustainability and profitability goals in many areas from product availability to stock management, from field operations to performance management of stores as well as pricing, promotion management and spending efficiency. It was able to increase the value it creates in 2019 through these improvements. 

Both companies have focused on analytic studies and the improvement of sales efficiency to provide the consumers the correct product mix in accurate locations within the scope of operational excellence, to onboard new customers, to increase the efficiency of the stores, to provide dynamic pricing, inventory and cost optimization as well as to reach the turnover and profitability goals. 

Customer-oriented digital transformation

Teknosa and Carrefoursa have extended their technical infrastructure investments in 2019 to provide their customers with an uninterrupted, faster and enjoyable shopping experience by integrating the processes in online and offline channels.

In 2019, Carrefoursa increased its sales by 102% in the e-commerce channel. At the end of 2018, teknosa.com started to use Hybris, which is one of the best e-commerce platforms of the world; and the improvements on enhancing the performance of the website have continued in 2019 as well. 

Within the activities in Teknosa e-commerce channel, operational benefits and services that improve customer satisfaction such as the fast implementation of campaigns in the website as well as providing the customers with the opportunity to make the payment via the website and receive the product from the store within the same day have been important. Online shopping loans and express delivery options have been offered for the first time. By making around 50% of the deliveries of e-commerce orders from the inventories of the stores, the delivery process has been accelerated. Additionally, the direct delivery of goods from supplier stocks to customers has been implemented. 

Studies regarding the integration of store cash screens and call center applications with integrated multi-structure have been completed. 

To provide the customers with a better product experience, store renovation activities have continued. Dedicated experiential areas have been built for game lovers and those who want to make home life easier and more enjoyable through smart systems. 

Data management that adds value to the business

CRM infrastructure of Sabancı Retail Group companies have been strengthened in 2019. Following the singularization of customer data, data enrichment studies have been carried out and personalized recommendations and campaigns have been developed. 

In Teknosa, new processes have been introduced to analyze the data with artificial intelligence algorithms and to optimize the customer experience. As of the end of 2019, there are more than 16 million single customer data at Teknosa. 

Performance in 2019

In 2019, Teknosa reported a turnover of  TL 4.1 billion. Teknosa is the most widespread technology retail company in Turkey with 200 stores in 68 cities. The company welcomed nearly 200 million visitors in its stores and teknosa.com throughout the year.

During the year, Teknosa continued to launch various training and development programs under Teknosa Academy to ensure that all employees possess the skills, competencies and education required by new generation retailing. In addition to periodic trainings, further training efforts were conducted to cultivate the leaders of today and tomorrow with the cooperation of Sabancı University. The company trained 33 internal trainers in 2019 as part of the internal trainer project that started in 2018. Teknosa also continued the mentoring development process. 

In 2019, Teknosa announced new practices that will add value to employees and new staff candidates. These include the Support Team project, which covers postgraduate education support, a scholarship provided for staff children, flexible and remote work, opportunities for head office employees to experience the work environment at the store, and the Future Talent internship program, which offers an enriched experience for students at the start of their careers. 

Outlook for 2020 

Teknosa aims to continue its holistic transformation journey within the scope of the New Generation Teknosa in 2020, to accelerate its digitalization initiatives as well as to achieve its operational excellence target. The company plans to continue embracing its new generation retailing philosophy. To this end, the company aims to focus on highly profitable post-sales services which also support the brand image, including the mobile communication service Teknosacell, its private label product family Preo and other value-added products. The company plans to continue its efforts that make a difference in the sector with product categories on a rising trend across the world, such as health, personal care and gaming. Prioritizing its investments in digitalization by using data analytics effectively in implementing innovations, Teknosa aims to grow above the market with its omnichannel presence.

Technology for Women 

Teknosa continued its social responsibility project “Technology for Women” which was launched in 2007. This innovative effort contributes to Turkey’s digitalization drive. Within the framework of this project, which is conducted in cooperation with Habitat Association and various local organizations, Teknosa helped 18 thousand women in 66 provinces to become digitally literate. Women who participated in the project’s training seminars indicated that they feel more confident, equal and empowered after becoming more informed in technology.

Teknosa conducts voluntary studies with NGOs under the leadership of the Teknosa Volunteers Club to raise awareness of social responsibility among employees. Additionally, Teknosa contributes to Sabancı Volunteers projects. 


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