Established in 1968, Temsa has today become one of Turkey’s leading bus manufacturers thanks to its innovative and entrepreneurial structure. Demonstrating a steep ascent in the Turkish, European and American markets, Temsa produces and exports its own-brand buses and midi-coaches.

The Temsa Adana Plant occupies a total area of 550,000 m2 and counts over 1,600 employees, who can produce a total of 12,000 vehicles including 4,500 buses, midibuses and 7,500 light trucks in a single shift during the year.

Boasting a product range that includes vehicles for all segments, Temsa is capable of responding to changing conditions and customer demands. Regularly modifying and revising its product range, Temsa conducts manufacturing operations at its Adana Plant. There, it manufactures Maraton and Safir Plus intercity passenger and tourist buses; Prestij and Opalin midi-coaches; Avenue and Tourmalin buses specially designed for city public transport; TS45, TS35, TS30 for the USA; and Avenue, LD, HD buses, Marathon and MD9, MD7 midi-coaches for Europe.

Temsa rolled out the smart bus iBUS and electric vehicles to take customer expectations to a whole new level, introducing major innovations to the transport sector. As such, the Company leads the way in the digitalization of mass transport.

New product launch

Temsa showed that it is a brand that can provide the fastest response to customer needs at launch with innovations and new products in domestic and overseas markets by introducing new products in the last three years. This success was not limited to only launching new products in the market; it is also reflected in the fast expansion of the market in the last two years. Temsa shows the stability of the market by launching six new products in 2016.

In 2017, Temsa plans to develop new products for the European and American markets. After MD9 electriCITY and Avenue EV, the Company is working to develop a new electric vehicle.

Temsa: The market leader for four years

Temsa Global has become the market leader in the domestic market 27-29 person product segment with Prestij, in the LF segment with Avenue and in the intercity RHD segment with Safir Plus.

MD9 electriCITY

The innovative MD9 electriCITY bus, developed by Temsa based on the needs of the transport sector, is fueled by electricity as a sustainable resource rather than fossil fuels. A standout with its low energy use, environmental sensitivity and productivity, the MD9 electriCITY is charged briefly at stops and the final stops to complete its route. With fewer parts, this environmentally friendly bus, developed domestically by Temsa engineers, needs fewer maintenance-related products like oil and less maintenance overall; in addition, it can be produced more quickly. The three door structure of the MD9 electriCITY provides fast pick-up and drop-off of passengers in the 63 passenger capacity, environmentally friendly, quiet, economic and efficient inner city bus.

Avenue EV

Avenue EV, which was developed with an environmental approach in consideration of global needs, uses the sustainable source of electricity rather than fossil fuels. With a fast charging feature that enables the vehicle to be fully charged in eight minutes, the bus can be charged quickly at bus stops. The environmentally friendly bus, with zero carbon emission thanks to its electrical traction system, is also quite comfortable, has high performance and is equipped with the latest technology. Avenue EV has the capacity for 35 persons seated, 52 persons standing and one passenger in a wheelchair. With a wide interior area, Avenue EV provides highly efficient service without requiring maintenance for long periods with the efficient, light and 100% electrical traction system developed by ASELSAN. The vehicle has the ability to travel 50-70 km on a single charge.

Safir Plus

Safir VIP stands out in its segment with its 2+1 seating model and 41+1 passenger seats. By adding four extra seats without compromising seating comfort, bus operators can carry more passengers and thus increase their revenues. Safir Plus has built on this capability, as it has 2+1 as well as 2+2 seating models. Safir Plus’s comfort level enhances the passenger travel experience and helps bus owners to save money with its economic fuel consumption. Furthermore, its newly designed dashboard gives the vehicle a more modern appearance and a more ergonomic driving experience with a wider range of vision for drivers.


Maraton is manufactured as the world’s first double-axle flat-floor Super High Deck bus, and comes in 41+1+1 and 46+1+1 options. Bus operators much appreciate Maraton thanks to the absence of steps between the seats and aisle, a generous luggage capacity, and its striking exterior design. In addition, drivers enjoy a very high level of comfort in the vehicle. The spacious driver area, programmable LCD cluster, ergonomic keyboard, digital dashboard and air conditioning in the sleep cabin are just some of the many comforts that drivers can benefit from. Besides its impressive road holding ability, the vehicle boasts AEBS, LDWS, EAS, ESC, ACC and smart fire extinguishing systems. Maraton also allows passengers to enjoy an enhanced travel experience with spacious and comfortable seating, as well as a powerful air conditioning system.

Exports to 66 countries

Thanks to its intensive R&D efforts and many innovations, Temsa is the first bus manufacturer to receive R&D Center certification in Turkey. The Company translates its original engineering and know-how into an extensive product portfolio offered not only to the Turkish market but across the world, exporting over 10 thousand vehicles to more than 66 countries. In France alone some 5 thousand Temsa-branded buses are on the road. Additionally, Temsa’s other major markets in Europe include Germany, England, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Lithuania and the Benelux countries. Thanks to an expanding product range, Temsa is also rapidly increasing its market share in the United States.


In 2016, Temsa introduced its products at foreign and domestic fairs. During the year, Temsa participated in five fairs in the US and eight fairs in Europe to promote the Temsa brand. Temsa achieved many important successes at these fairs in terms of introducing new products to the market.

Temsa introduced its TS35E vehicle by participating in the UMA Fair held in Atlanta on January 31–February 4, 2016.

The Company introduced a total of nine buses, two of which were new, at the Busworld Istanbul fair that took place on April 14–17, 2016.

At the Transport Publics 2016 fair in Paris on June 14–16, 2016, Temsa introduced its MD9 electriCITY vehicle to European customers.


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