Communication Principles Of Sabancı Group

The Sabancı Group targets the following principle as part of its communications efforts: Sabancı Group plans and implements its operations on the basis of striving for permanent competitive advantages by differentiating itself; the Group’s mission is to manage a strategic portfolio with a competitive and sustainable growth potential in such a way that it creates value for shareholders. The principle thus adopted is manifested in the Group’s business target: To be ahead of the competition in the sectors where we operate.

It is of crucial importance that the internal and external communications of the Group are maintained consistently, constantly and transparently in order to safeguard and promote the corporate reputation of Sabancı Group and to manage it in harmony with its business targets and social responsibilities.

In this context:

The Senior Management of Sabancı Holding have public informational meetings at least once a year.

Group Heads inform the public at least once a year.

Sabancı Holding shares its first quarter, first half, nine months and annual financial results with the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB), Borsa Istanbul (BIST) and the public.

Material disclosures to the BIST and press releases are simultaneously posted on the website.

Activities of Sabancı Holding are disclosed to the public through its website in both Turkish and English. Sabancı Holding also shares information with the public through social media channels ( -

Affiliates of Sabancı Holding inform the Sabancı Holding Corporate Communications Department prior to the implementation of the planned communications activities on a monthly and annual basis.

Sabancı Holding and its affiliates adhere to the principles set out in the Communications Guide in all communications activities.

Uses of the Sabancı brand have been outlined in the Sabancı Corporate Identity Guidelines. Sabancı Holding and its affiliates adhere to these principles in all matters relating to the use of the Sabancı brand.

Frequency of such activities may be increased in line with corporate and operational developments.