Sabancı Industry Group reinforced its leadership in all markets it operates with its agility and excellence-oriented approach.


Reinforcing its leading position in the Turkish replacement market, its sales in the Export and Original equipment markets reached 45% of the turnover. Brisa focused on digital transformation in its dealer network and sales management system and tire centric total mobility solutions (Digital Fleet Monitoring Systems, Otopratik and Propratik networks).

Priorities in 2020

In 2020, the top priority of Industry Group companies was agility against fluctuations in demand due to the pandemic. The Companies continued investing for the future. The fluctuations in demand in the world and in Turkey were foreseen with the data analysis models developed in the prior years. Significant profit was also made with a specific focus on supply chains and working capital management.

While achieving successful results in 2020, the agile teams formed within the Industry Group ecosystem, analyzed growth opportunities in innovative adjacent business areas and investments continued.

2020 has been a devastating year for our lives due to the pandemic, however it also brought growth opportunities to Sabancı Holding Industry Group, which had already started its digital transformation and implements innovative processes and material innovations as part of its daily work.

As the number of digital online meetings rose 60 times, significant improvements have been made in terms of time and cost of internal and external communication. Productivity and reliability of business processes were improved with the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and therefore employees are able to use their time more effectively for innovation and improvement of existing processes. RPA applications and artificial intelligence assistants of Brisa and Kordsa manage more than 200 processes efficiently.

The digital filiation applications put into practice helped more than 8,500 employees and their families protect their health.

In 2020, Industry 4.0 efforts in companies accelerated. Systems that communicate each other during the production processes, monitor and analyze environment and machine conditions with sensors and trigger actions created predictability and cost advantages.

In the field of digitalization and innovation, the successes of the Industry Group were recognized with many awards.

With its R&D competency, more than 3,000 employees in Aksaray and Izmit factories that are equipped with Brisa smart technologies and its value added products and services offered to domestic and international markets, Brisa improved the value it offers for its stakeholders. With investments in dealer networks and brands, Brisa once again proved its leadership. 3 new countries were included in the export points while the market share in 13 countries increased.

With these developments, Brisa demonstrated a solid performance in a challenging 2020. Total sales of Brisa reached TL 4,137 million. Despite contractions in international markets, Brisa managed to increase its export volume on TL basis. Generating a strong profit as of the end of the year, Brisa continued its success in cash management. The working capital turnover ratio, which increased from 1.8 to 7 in 2019, reached 14 in 2020. In addition to all these financial successes, Brisa became Turkey’s 42nd most valuable brand in Brand Finance’s “Most Valuable and Powerful Brands of Turkey” survey. According to the survey, Brisa was the most valuable brand of the tire industry.

Besides their financial success, Brisa’s efforts for conserving biodiversity at Izmit and Aksaray plants were rated in the Gold category by BSEMIA (Bridgestone Europe, Russia, Middle East, India, and Africa).

Performance in 2020

In 2020, Brisa recorded a turnover of TL 4.1 billion and generated a net profit of TL 541 million. On the other hand, Kordsa generated a turnover of TL 4.6 billion and a net income of TL 149 million in 2020.

Digitalization, Technology and Investments

Industrial companies, which are in a cultural transformation to be ready for the new digital age, have proven that companies that can quickly adapt maintain their operational success in the pandemic period. In the Industry Group, 62 projects associated with digitalization are ongoing, and the outputs of 55 projects that have been actively used since 2015 have yielded twice the return on their investments.

By integrating Microsoft Teams before the pandemic, which is one of its #dijitalisyeri (digital workplace) applications, Brisa was named among Microsoft’s global success stories with its efforts. Brisa transformed its success stories into academic case studies within the scope of the BRİKİM project.

The case studies titled “Digital Transformation with Artificial Intelligence,” “Empowering Sales Organization with Digital Technologies,” “Gaining Competitive Edge with Working Capital” were presented to academicians and students at, a digital case study library.

The “Stay Safe” application, which enables employees to voluntarily record the people they have contacted with location data, was launched by Brisa to ensure that employees can track back whom they have contacted in the event a risk occurs.

Brisa introduced an improved version of Filofix roadside assistance service, which is one of the success stories in the Digital Fleet era it has initiated. With Filofix, Brisa offers around-the-clock roadside assistance with one click, regardless of where the customers are.

Every year, about 150 new entrepreneurs and the technology/services they offer are integrated with the business units in Brisa. 30 entrepreneurs were integrated into the system to solve the issues of business units such as Marketing, Mobility, R&D, IT, etc. Collaboration with about 10 of these startups continues in 2021.

People and Sustainability

For more than 5 years, Brisa and Kordsa have been listed in the BIST Sustainability Index, which includes companies with the highest corporate sustainability performances. Growing with technology investments and creating economic value for their stakeholders, Sabancı Industry Group companies are building a sustainable future by using natural resources responsibly. Reporting to CDP Climate Change and Water Programs since 2016, Kordsa and Brisa were rated A- in climate change and A- and B in the field of water programs respectively. These ratings demonstrate their global leadership in these areas. Being awarded the highest rating “A” by CDP in the “Supplier Communication Rating” category, Brisa was the only Turkish company to be among global leaders in this field.

Brisa and Kordsa were among the companies that partnered with Ecovadis to ensure the sustainability of the global supply chain. As a result of the evaluation of more than 40 thousand companies in terms of sustainability studies, Kordsa was rated “Gold Company” and Brisa was rated “Silver Company” by Ecovadis. Industry Group companies continue to create value for all their stakeholders and develop environmentally-friendly projects. With success in the systematic assessment where environment, employee rights, ethical and sustainable supply practices are taken as a basis, the Industry Group companies prove that they have sustainability in mind in every step they take.

Brisa’s efforts for conserving biodiversity at Izmit and Aksaray plants were rated in the Gold category by BSEMIA (Bridgestone Europe, Russia, Middle East, India, and Africa). Aiming to reduce the damage caused by Hatay fires, Brisa donated 4,000 saplings with the support of OGEM-VAK (Foundation for Supporting Forestry Development and Fighting Forest Fires) on behalf of their dealers. The Brisa team, which was established in cooperation with the ROBOTEL Foundation, which offers prostheses to children who cannot use their hand and arm limbs, completed its first training. In 2021, Brisa will continue to print hands with 3D printers to to replace the prosthesis. At Brandonhall Group Excellence Awards, Brisa was deemed worthy of the Gold award in the “Excellence in Sales Performance” category.

2021 Priorities and Strategy

Industry Group will have a stronger mobility positioning in 2021 while achieving geographical and industrial expansion.

In order to further consolidate its leadership in the Turkish market, Brisa will increase its market share in original equipment and premium tire categories while maintaining its share in the economy segment. With Otopratik and Propratik chains in Turkey, Brisa will continue its journey also as the total mobility solutions leader.

Area of activity

Tire production for passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, agricultural and construction vehicles

Market position

Leader: the provider of one out of three tires reaching the final consumer

Countries of production


Number of facilities

2 (Kocaeli and Aksaray)

Number of produced covered area

507 thousand m2

Number of exported countries


Number of employees


R&D investments

TL 40 million R&D investment, 88 R&D employees, 16 patents, utility models, design registration, software

Sales network

1,300 + sales points with Lassa sign domestically, sales in 6 thousand + points in 87 countries including 600 with Lassa sign

Sabancı Holding share



According to data as of 31.12.2020.


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