In 2019, the Industry Group companies launched successful practices that will lead their sectors in our country through commercialization of innovation, lean practices, advanced data analytics and Industry 4.0.


In 2019, Brisa increased its revenues in foreign currency significantly and continued to add value to the Turkish economy.

Brisa is the supplier of one out of every three tires sold to the end consumers in Turkey.

The company focuses on organization-wide cultural change with the Smart Culture Roadmap and Digital Transformation Journey.

Priorities in 2019

The Industry Group focused on work safety, quality, productivity, working capital and cash management in its main business segments throughout 2019 as well as improving and expanding healthy growth and competencies, and launching new technologies and new collaborations. The company decided to shut down its operations in a number of business segments in 2019 meanwhile invested in and expanded other operations in line with its dynamic portfolio management goal.

Brisa is the supplier of one out of every three tires sold to the end consumers in Turkey and it made strong and steady investments with its people-oriented, innovative approach, technological means and balanced financial structure. 

In 2019, Brisa managed the financial fluctuations with Izmit Factory known for its success in production, Aksaray Factory that completed its investments as well as being a first in its sector and equipped with smart applications, and also with its R&D Center, proper actions taken in our active markets. Brisa proved its indisputable leadership in the domestic market once again and broke exportation records three times with Lassa brand in the international markets.

Brisa focused on being the leader of the domestic market amidst the shrinking and fluctuating market conditions and the Group increased its exportation revenues by 38 % on TRY-basis compared to the previous year as well as empowering its existence in the international markets.

2019 performance

In 2019, the annual total sales turnover increased by 19 % compared to the last year and reached 3.6 billion TRY thanks to Brisa’s strong position in the domestic market and increased sales volume in the international markets; profit for the period was around 382,8 million TRY.

In 2019, Brisa focused on exportation and increased its USD-indexed turnover by approximately 16 % compared to the last year. In addition to the operational profitability, the company focused on balance sheet and cash management in 2019. As a result of efficient capital management and success in collecting its receivables, the cycle of working capital was improved by 23 days. Accordingly, the efficient cash and debt management reduced the amount of net debt down to 1.2 billion TRY.  

Technology and investments

Our Mission is to develop environment friendly and sustainable products

Brisa combined its production and sales lines with its focus on service to expand Otopratik network, and the company started to cooperate with Eşarj, a subsidiary of Enerjisa Energy, to offer electrical car charging stations at the sales points.

Digital Transformation Journey of Brisa

Brisa has been transforming its culture by focusing on the company and its business partners for creating an organization ready for the digital age. Powerful products and new generation services of the company support its long-lasting position as the sector leader that invests in technology. The Smart Culture Roadmap was drafted with a broad participation and based on differences; the priority is to offer a climate allowing the personnel to have the highest contribution to the transformation process.

Digital Fleet Era

Innovative and technological services of Brisa started the Digital Fleet era for its customers. The company continued to offer added value to its customers by assuring increased efficiency, safety and profitability of the fleets with digital tire pressure monitoring and driving safety support systems available to the commercial customers.

Human Factor

Brisa published two books and told its staff’s real and candid stories of courage; “Cesaretle Yol Alırız” and “Biz de Cesaretle Yol Alırız”. Sales revenues were used as transportation scholarship for 500 students who need a safe way to go to school in Anatolia.

Brisa Academy has been accredited as a Personnel Certification Body by the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17024 Standard. This accreditation has deepened the Academy’s contribution to the sector development and supported its dedication to become a corporate university.

Brisa launched digital communication initiative “Yola Sağlam Çıkanlar” with Lassa brand to support safe journeys of long-distance drivers 

Priorities and Sector Strategy in 2020

The Industry Group will become more competitive in its current operations by using new generation technologies such as Industry 4.0, digitalization, advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence based robotics studies in the upcoming period and it plans to realize its vision of shaping the future by seizing high value business opportunities such as energy storage, printable flexible circuits and thin film technologies by using electro-mobility and competencies in material science.     

In 2020, Brisa aims to expand its existence in the international markets with Lassa brand and improve its position as the indisputable leader in the country by developing fast, flexible and customer-oriented service solutions as well as adding value to all stakeholders by focusing on cash management, providing added value to its customer with technology investments while transforming its internal processes and culture.

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