In 2020, Sabancı Retail Group companies Carrefoursa and Teknosa managed to increase their online sales volume 4 times through their digital platforms.

As of the end of 2020, Sabancı Retail Group companies serve consumers through 699 food markets and 211 technology stores in 70 cities.

Retail Transformation Program

Thanks to holistic transformation programs executed by Sabancı Holding retail companies - including New Generation Market of Carrefoursa and Teknosa of the New Generation – successful operational results were achieved in 2020.

Carrefoursa improved both its product range and service approach in line with the data obtained through CRM activities and enriched customer experience measurement data.

Global pandemic adversely affected economies, sectors and the retail sector all over the world. Besides, the food retail industry, in which Carrefoursa operates, worked uninterruptedly to meet the basic needs of consumers and continued its strong growth. With the transformation in education, economy and social life, and the acceleration of digitalization, technology needs became indispensable in this process. The increasing demand of consumers affected the sector where Teknosa operates positively.

The organized food retail market grew 27.3% compared to the previous year and reached a volume of TL 174 billion. The technology products market reached a volume of TL 89 billion with an increase of 37.8%.

Priorities in 2020

Both companies attached importance to the health of their employees, customers and society and implemented health and safety measures at the highest level since the outbreak of the pandemic. Teknosa and Carrefoursa put all guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior into practice to the fullest extent by constantly disinfecting its stores, distributing masks and health kits to its employees and offering services in compliance with social distancing measures.

Ensuring that everyone reaches their vital needs such as food and hygiene products, Carrefoursa continued its services through its stores and online channels without interruption. Teknosa became the first technology retailer that closed its stores in accordance with health measures. Between March 22 and June 1 when Teknosa stores were closed and in times when measures were taken, Teknosa continued its seamless services via and mobile application.

In line with the Sabancı of New Generation vision, Carrefoursa continued its transformation efforts in 2020. As a result of investments made in digitalization for a long time, Carrefoursa’s online market can be accessed on the web and on mobile devices. Reaching 6 million visitors today, the online market mobile app was downloaded for more than 150 thousand times. The number of monthly orders placed via the app reached 200 thousand. In this context, new services such as “Priority Delivery,” “Hotline Order” and “Pick-Up in Store” were made available to the customers.

Carrefoursa examines customer purchasing habits by analyzing data obtained through Carrefoursa membership cards and offers its customers convenient campaigns in line with their expectations.

Dedicated to supporting domestic producers, Carrefoursa procures the right product from the right producer and offers these products with the right pricing policy in line with its new communication strategy “Doğrusu Carrefoursa’da” (Right Choice at Carrefoursa).

In order to include esteemed entrepreneurs of Turkey to its market chain, Carrefoursa initiated a franchising system. Within the scope of the system, franchises of Mini and Super formats were granted and it is aimed to reach a total of 100 franchises by 2021.

Aiming to offer the freshest vegetables and fruits from the field at the most affordable prices, Carrefoursa collaborated with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises (TİGEM) and General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies (TAGEM) in 2020. Carrefoursa  supports producers with Turkish seeds and ensures that the safest products are brought to the stores by inspecting the production process. Offering veterinary inspected 100% domestic red meat to its customers, Carrefoursa increased its red meat sales by 26% in 2020. Supporting sustainable fishery, Carrefoursa cooperates with farms, where every process is controlled. Carrefoursa offers different fish species in its stores during the fishing season with the Aquaculture Platform it has established in Gebze.

Performance in 2020

As of 2020, Carrefoursa boasts a network with 525 thousand m2 total net sales area consisting of 30 Hypermarkets, 389 Supermarkets, 28 Gourmets and 228 Mini and 24 franchise markets and recorded a turnover of TL 7.9 billion.

Carrefoursa has a market share of 4.52% (Modern Trade FMCG market share) and a turnover per square meter of TL 15.5 thousand, with an increase of 21.1%. Closing the year with a total of TL 183 million in investments, Carrefoursa has become a brand that provides 500 thousand people on a daily basis with products and services with its customer­oriented approach and 170 million customers have shopped from its stores in total. Currently, Carrefoursa has 11,032 employees. Sabancı Holding share at Carrefoursa is 57.12%.

Women-Focused Support Projects

Empowered Women with Carrefoursa

Carrefoursa demonstrated the importance it attaches to gender equality on a global scale by becoming a signatory of the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), an initiative of the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN WOMEN) and the UN Global Compact. As of today, there are only 9 food retailers in the world, including Carrefour who are signatories of the WEPs Platform.

Environmentally-Friendly Actions

Disclosing reports on climate change and water for the first time within the scope of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in 2020, Carrefoursa proved its awareness and commitment to this issue. Carrefoursa supplied 550 tons of products to the “Support Market” established within the scope of collaboration with TİDER. The products supplied reached 22 thousand people. Efforts are underway to obtain the “Basic Level Zero Waste” certificate within the scope of the “Zero Waste” initiative of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. By the end of 2020, a certificate has been obtained for 69 stores.

2021 Priorities and Industry Strategy

With the New Generation Market vision, Carrefoursa aims to continue digitalization and provide customers with more access to the online market through all digital channels. Carrefoursa also aims to meet the shopping needs of its customers with new generation services, open 100 new markets in one year with franchising method, maintain its support to the domestic producers and to provide consumers with the right product at the right price.

Area of activity

Food and non-food retailing

Countries of activity


Number of provinces


Number of Stores

699 (30 Hypermarkets, 389 Supermarkets, 28 Gourmets and 228 Mini and 24 franchise market)

Digital sales channels and mobile application (iOS and Android)

Annual number of customers

138 million

Sales area

525 thousand m2

Number of employees


Number of loyalty cards

4.1 million+

Sabancı Holding share



According to data as of 31.12.2020.


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