Carrefoursa is a joint venture of Sabancı Holding and Carrefour, the top retailer in Europe and the second largest in the world with over 10,000 stores in 33 countries. Sabancı Holding signed a Share Purchase Agreement with Carrefour in April 2013 to acquire an additional 12% stake in Carrefoursa. Following the closing of the deal in July 2013, Sabancı Holding’s shareholding in Carrefoursa reached 50.79% and Sabancı Holding took over the management of Carrefoursa. Sabancı Holding raised its stake in Carrefoursa from 50.79% to 50.93% after a mandatory tender call in October 2013.

Carrefoursa has assumed control over 26 supermarkets formerly run by İsmar and 29 supermarket locations operated by Antalya Market; the Company has also added Kiler Alışveriş’s 196 stores to its structure. The Carrefoursa-Kiler Alışveriş merger was completed in December; the resulting capital increase brought Sabanci Holding’s share in Carrefoursa up to 50.74%. Sabancı Holding sold its stake that it had acquired by takeover on Borsa Istanbul between April 26 – May 10, 2016, bringing Sabancı Holding’s share in Carrefoursa to 50.61%.

Carrefoursa’s mission is to be the address for authentic, pleasant, reliable and added value shopping for its customers.

Naming 2014 as the “Leap Year” in line with the innovations made and the target set for profitable growth, the Company named 2015 as the “Upshift” year, and made moves to make acquisitions, keeping the focus on profitable growth. As a consequence of successfully integrating growth and change in 2015, the Company was focused on productivity and profitability growth in 2016. Continuing to work towards becoming a sincere, lean, fast, nature-friendly and modern brand, the Company continued to invest in human resources and customer services. As the Company improved its IT infrastructure, it also continued its sustainability activities. Today, Carrefoursa offers services for various customer segments with its Hyper, Super, Gourmet, Mini market formats and e-commerce platform. As of 2016 year-end, Carrefoursa has 656 stores and 563 thousand square meters of sales area.

With sales areas ranging from 2,000 to 15,000 m2, Carrefoursa Hypermarkets offer 36,000 product SKUs to customers. Carrefoursa Super markets, which are between 350 and 2,000 m2, were redesigned to address customer needs and expectations regarding a faster neighborhood shopping experience to complement its extensive product range and reasonable prices. Carrefoursa Gourmet markets, offering unique flavors from Turkish and world cuisines and personalized services, are aimed at providing an innovative shopping experience to customers based on exploration and pleasure. Launched in 2014, Carrefoursa Mini markets offer a comfortable, practical and fun shopping ambiance to customers in stores ranging between 50 and 350 m2. Carrefoursa, with an online shopping service on, also made shopping convenient and enjoyable for customers who are short on time.

Carrefoursa generated sales revenue of TL 4,492 million in 2016 from a store network of 37 Hypermarkets and 392 Supermarkets, 25 Gourmet and 202 Mini markets spanning total net sales area of 563 thousand m2. Nearly 171 million customers shopped at Carrefoursa stores throughout the year.

In 2016, Carrefoursa enhanced its core business of fresh food retailing around the concept of “freshness.” The Company placed a special emphasis on providing fresh, top quality food products to customers at accessible prices with the slogans “Fresh is Either on the Branch or at Carrefoursa,” “Fresh is Either in the Field or at Carrefoursa” and “Fresh is Either at Sea or at Carrefoursa.”

Carrefoursa aims to take advantage of projects that promise growth and value creation potential, focus on efficiency and sustainability activities, to be the address of enjoyable, reliable and value-driven neighborhood shopping for customers.


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