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Energy Group companies created value while maintaining their sector leadership in every segment of our portfolio by showing a successful performance in dynamic market conditions, with the right investment and financing models, and good governance, efficiency and operational excellence.

Enerjisa Enerji, meets the electricity demand of one in every four people in Turkey and still maintains its sector leadership in both distribution and sales.

A critical year for Turkish energy sector

2019 became an extraordinary year for the Turkish energy sector. Despite the stagnation in economic growth and energy demand, the Turkish energy sector, which has high potential in terms of with global trends such as economic growth, industrialization, the expansion of life expectancy, rapid urbanization and climate, as well as energy trends such as distributed generation, digitization, low carbon and electrification, left behind a year when the network continued to grow by 3%. While the weight of hydroelectric power plants has increased in meeting the electricity demand with the effect of high hydrology, the market prices dropped due to the decrease in the weight and margins of natural gas power plants and infrastructure development continued with network investments, and progress was achieved in liberalization with the changing tariffs and the final resource limit dropping to 7 GWh. 

Leader of Turkey’s energy sector, Sabancı Enerji Group Companies 

Enerjisa Enerji, is Turkey's leading company in two main business branches consisting of electricity distribution and sales. Başkent provides access to electricity to 21 million people in 14 provinces within Ayedaş and Toroslar, and serves approximately 10 million customers in the electricity retail sector. 

Sabancı Energy Group companies create value for all their stakeholders by carrying out these activities with different dynamics and creating integrated value with effective risk management focusing on operational excellence.

Successful performance and strong growth from Energy Group companies

Enerjisa Group companies demonstrated a successful performance in 2019 under rough conditions. 

Enerjisa Energy, which offered 20% of the company to the public with the equal share sale of Sabancı Holding and E.ON, continued its public offering success with 4.8 times more demand with the high share performance and dividend payment it demonstrated. Enerjisa Energy, which continued its activities by focusing on operational excellence and customer satisfaction in 2019, completed its strategy work covering the main business lines, close and new fields, and put it into practice with the motto “Our Business is Energy, Our Power is Human”. It maintained its dynamic portfolio management in line with the market conditions of 2019, and continued its strong growth in operational efficiency and investment areas, raising its Regulated Asset Base to TRY 8.4 billion. It created positive value in quality parameters and successfully managed its sales portfolio with a dynamic understanding against variable prices and tariffs. 

Energy Group expands its growth focus in regulated asset base and renewable energy with distributed generation, smart grids, e-mobility, energy efficiency services and storage solutions.

Pioneering practices in human resources, technology and digitalization in energy

Energy Group companies continued the development in human and technology dimensions in 2019, which they deem as a source of value. While continuing the programs developed for talent development, many steps have been taken for the digital management of performance culture and human resources. Similarly, many practices were implemented in the field of technology and digitalization in the sector. Along with digitalization projects for operational excellence and process improvements, projects on advanced data analytics, cloud technologies, and operational technologies were carried out with internal and external sponsorships. A positive financial impact of more than TRY 25 million was created with 10 projects carried out in the field of advanced data analytics. Energy Group companies, which perceive technology as an opportunity for the development of their business nature, also realized many projects within the Group to produce synergies. 

Enerjisa Energy is the sector leader in technological transformation

In order to implement new ideas, the Internal Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program “NAR” completed its fifth year and many projects that constitute a first in the sector have been successfully implemented. As demonstrated by various projects such as Machine Learning Based Consumption Data Separation Project awarded by Turkishh Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TÜSİAD) Industry Transformation, PEAKAPP Project supported by Horizon 2020 and awarded with the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) Achievement Award, SECUREGRID project approved by ITEA cluster of European Union, information security and energy efficiency projects implemented with Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK), image processing and fault detection for network management, downtime prediction and partner hub project, Enerjisa Enerji is the leader of technological and digital transformation of Turkey’ electricity sector.

Data-based decision making with Data Analytics methods

Over 10 analytics projects have been implemented such as the “Self Service Analytical Platform” project, which won the first prize in the Analytics and Big Data category at IDC 2019 - Energy Summit, project for early detection and proactive replacement/maintenance of defective meters, illegal use and leakage project aiming to determine illegal energy use and optimizing work orders, duplicate call analysis project aiming to increase efficiency of the call center and a 10% increase in daily work orders and 59% increase in successfully closed jobs were achieved.

In addition, Enerjisa Energy has achieved a 40% improvement in critical occupational accidents since the beginning of 2019 with the implementation of the Visual Confirmation System, a first in the sector in the field of Occupational Health and Safety along with its “Our Power is Human, Our Focus is Development”. 

Successful practices in corporate sustainability and management 

Energy Group companies strengthened their corporate sustainability and management efforts in 2019 in order to ensure that the value they create for their stakeholders is permanent. Enerjisa Energy started to be included in the BİST Sustainability Index by publishing its first sustainability report in 2019, and was included in the BİST Corporate Governance Index by receiving 9.45 out of 10 in the Corporate Governance rating. Enerjisa’s sustainability report ranked 39th in the Top 100 Global Report list and was awarded the Gold Award at the LACP 2019 Inspire Awards. The company has also become the signatory of the United Nations Global Compact and the United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs), the world's largest voluntary corporate sustainability initiative.

2020 priorities and sectoral strategy

Mega trends in energy and Turkey’s dynamics such as growth, urbanization, young population creates important fields of opportunity at the intersection of technological investments and solutions in the energy sector with fields such as various industrial sectors, smart cities and transportation. 

The investments of the new implementation period, which will be shaped by 2020, are expected to create a framework that will motivate investments, productivity, quality and innovation, and enable many brand new opportunities. The new implementation period is deemed as crucial in terms of developing a regulatory framework that will promote investments, efficiency and quality in order for Turkey to attain a reliable and cost-effective network infrastructure. In this respect, in order to determine the metrics of the implementation in the best manner for the country, sector and consumers, contribution is made to the process by keeping in close contact with regulatory authorities and public institutions. 

Energy Group companies will continue their pioneering roles in the sector's growth, efficient and competitive development and embrace a more institutional character in 2020. Sabancı Group, together with its energy partner E.ON, aims to continue its high growth in the energy field by continuing to create value for all stakeholders by supporting the strategic importance and development potential of the sector in its activities in 2020.

For more information: https://www.enerjisa.com.tr/en/home

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