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Turkish electricity industry’s pioneering and leading corporation Enerjisa manages the country’s largest portfolio in the growing and developing Turkish electricity markets. Enerjisa manages two main business lines of electricity distribution and sales with operational excellence and provides significant contributions to sustainability through its electricity distribution investments and operations focused on human, technology and solutions. Thus, Enerjisa creates value for all its stakeholders, especially energy consumers, and supports Turkey’s economic and social development targets.

Enerjisa provides electricity to its 9.6 million subscribers and 20.9 million users across 14 provinces with it’s approximately 25% market share in the distribution industry. Enerjisa effectively utilizes technology in its projects and processes. Enerjisa Distribution Companies, operating on human, solution and innovation focused manner and with sustainable and quality service mentality in their respective regions, are realizing their plans based not only for today's operations but also for future grids considering the "new energy future". Company incorporates the concept of smart grids and the accompanying new business models in its business processes, brought with the emergence of the fact that smart communication technologies can be used to increase efficiency in the electricity distribution industry.

With about 9 million subscription contracts, more than 20.9 million users are serving from different channels, Enerjisa works to meet the needs of its customers in the best possible way and create value for electricity supply. Growth in customer oriented solutions and offering innovative and customized services and solutions to customers are among the prioritized targets of Enerjisa. Enerjisa’s campaign for households the “Save Your Energy” offering advice on its website and via mobile applications to household customers, Enerjisa also guides customers to make savings based on the collaboration activities. Enerjisa considers the concept of sustainability in environment & climate and energy supply security.

Enerjisa, which has been selected as the "Most Admired Company" for 9 years, has been awarded the "Best Workplace Award" in 2016 for its employee commitment, leadership and performance culture. Enerjisa has been awarded the "Most Reputable Brand of Turkey" for the third time in Turkey's energy sector in the Turkey Reputation Research of Turkey Reputation Academy, while winning the brand award which increases the sector's highest rating in The ONE Awards determined by the people.

With this project of ours, whilst we won the 'Best Corporate Social Responsibility Project 2015 Award in the International Corporate Social Responsibility Competition organized by JCI (Junior Chamber International) in 2015, we also won the 'Corporate Social Responsibility Project Award of the Year' in Stevie 2016 Awards this year.

WEB site: https://www.enerjisa.com.tr/en/home


Enerjisa distribution companies perform distribution operations in 14 provinces (İstanbul Anatolian Side, Ankara, Kastamonu, Zonguldak, Bartın, Karabük, Çankırı, Kırıkkale, Adana, Gaziantep, Hatay, Mersin, Kilis and Osmaniye) under the Başkent, Ayedaş and Toroslar regions.

Enerjisa distribution companies continue maintenance, repair as well as capital investments to improve the distribution grids in 14 provinces while also developing R&D projects for the future distribution grid. Enerjisa continues its studies to provide solutions for the new energy future. KRİTA, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, SEAS as well as many different smart grid projects are among the projects towards this aim.

As Turkey’s first smart city project with a planned budget of TL 3.6 million, KRİTA (Management of Critical Infrastructure in Smart Cities) is conducted with the cooperation of Toroslar EDAŞ and the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep with R&D funds of EPDK; its implementation is scheduled for completion in 2017. The project scope includes electricity infrastructure improvement, installation of solar energy generation systems in the parking area, startup of a pilot system for energy storage and installation of infrastructure for an electric charging system. In addition to these systems, the project features a smart lighting application that has noise and motion sensors in the parking areas.

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) project, exclusive to the electricity distribution sector whose site field tests were carried out in 2016, has produced a domestic prototype. The UAV project aims to identify the location and type of the malfunction in electricity lines in distribution grids and provide energy supply faster. This project ensures to improve occupational health and safety, quality of the services and working efficiency in challenging circumstances.

SEAS (Smart Energy Awareness Systems) is the first European Union project of Turkey’s electricity distribution sector. The first microgrid display of the project was put together under the leadership of Başkent Dağıtım. This project aims to develop devices that will enable controlling, monitoring and estimation of energy consumption, avoiding inefficient and unsustainable energy consumption.

The Turkey Smart Grids 2023 Vision and Strategy Formulation project (TAŞ2023), conducted with EPDK support and coordinated by Başkent EDAŞ, aims to set a road map that will define the methodology, processes and calendar in detail for transition to a cost-effective smart grid, for enabling active participation of customers to the electricity market; supporting efforts to increase the share of renewable energy in power generation; improving system efficiency and energy quality.

Enerjisa aims to provide distribution services at European standards to its distribution system users in Başkent, Ayedaş and Toroslar distribution regions with grid investments, SCADA, GIS, Automatic Meter Reading System, Workforce Management System, SAP-based new information system infrastructure projects and R&D studies.


Enerjisa started a new customer-oriented era in the electricity industry of Turkey in 2015 and has pursued its efforts in this direction throughout 2016.

While raising energy conservation awareness across Turkey with its “Save Your Energy” movement, Enerjisa also continues to invest in developing solutions across a wide spectrum - including digital channels, technology and product development - that will create value for its customers.

As the designated supply company operating in three regions, Enerjisa Sales also operates as a supplier for free customers throughout Turkey, supplying electricity to about 20 million people. Performing electricity sales to end customers through companies with electricity supply licences, Enerjisa is one of the largest suppliers in the market.

Enerjisa reaches out to customers in their homes and workplaces through large site teams. The Company provides high quality services to its customer base with an extensive network of Customer Services Centers, Authorized Payment Points and a Call Center that is reachable 24/7. In today’s digital world, the Company provides solutions online and on mobile platforms, delivering the best customer experience and that are suitable for everyone’s needs and habits.

Enerjisa uses the most advanced information systems hardware and application infrastructure in the electricity sales sector, based on the realized capital investments to date. Enerjisa defines both customer and market needs while supporting efforts to reduce eligible customer limits to zero and enhancing the competitiveness of the market.

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