SabancıDx entered 2020, the beginning of a new decade, with significant investments in digital technologies and achieving important milestones in terms of corporate transformation.



SabancıDx entered 2020, the beginning of a new decade, with significant investments in digital technologies and achieving important milestones in terms of corporate transformation. In the light of 2020 priorities determined as the concept of savings, efficiency and security, SabancıDx focused on developing projects that will benefit people, nature and society and to develop products based on new generation technologies. Thanks to the rapid reflexes provided by the agile transformation journey, there were no disruptions in the services provided to the customers during the COVID-19 outbreak that spread all over the world in the first months of 2020. Standing by our customers, especially those who directly serve to the benefit of the public, we made efforts for them to provide a better service.


In 2020, when the basis of new normal and new habits were set, we did not only improve our current products but also developed new products with the aim of achieving our technology export goal. Besides significant investments made in the field of cybersecurity, it is aimed to expand the cybersecurity team by 30% in 2021. SabancıDx made important efforts in the field of technology with its capabilities such as big data, advanced data analytics and robotic workforce.

Digitalization, Technology and Investments

In order for humanity to maintain its existence in the world, the usual course must change. SabancıDx creates different solutions against crises arising from different elements with new generation technologies, its area of expertise. As a result of these studies, a new artificial intelligence-based product named “CDx” was launched in 2020. CDx saves 1,000 households of energy from one cement kiln. While digitalizing the production processes in cement plants, which possess 6% of the total energy consumption of Turkey, CDx supported carbon emission strategies as well.

Within the scope of advanced data analytics activities carried out under the name of DnA Platform, total value of TL 330 million was generated in 2020 with 134 analytics projects, carried out with more than 200 Sabancı Group employees.

It is observed that different dynamics are created with the emergence of Generation Z employees. Taking into consideration the important values and the ways of doing business of our era, a new generation performance management application “Perfx” was launched. As a flexible, transparent and feedback-based performance management platform that complies with the values and strategies of Sabancı Group, Perfx provides important contributions in terms of building positive perceptions, employee experience and achieving common goals.

People and Sustainability

Established in 2019, SabancıDx Digital Campus provides a new generation business approach based on a garage culture equipped with agile operations. The Digital Campus, where entrepreneurship culture, new ideas and collaboration are promoted, helps achieve sustainable benefits. Upon the development of the Design-Oriented Thinking Journey cultural transformation program and the improvement of innovation competencies, COVID-19 and remote working principles were implemented rapidly. As a result of these efforts, SabancıDx received the Great Place to Work (GPTW) certificate. As of the end of 2020, SabancıDx has 219 employees.

2020 was an important year for SabancıDx’s brand recognition as well. Especially during the pandemic, SabancıDx assumed an active role to raise awareness on new generation technologies and guiding companies in their transformation journeys. As a result of the services provided by SabancıDx, steps were taken in line with the mission of “carrying organizations to the future by producing sustainable benefits with innovative digital ideas.” As a digital and analytical company, SabancıDx brand is positioned as a major player in its area.

2021 Priorities and Industry Strategy

In 2021, we will experience a transformation to an entirely “new normal.” Digitalization and new generation technologies are going to be the most important topics in the global agenda. Defining digital transformation as an indispensable part of the “new normal” in this exciting journey, SabancıDx assumes the task of being the driving force of this transformation. SabancıDx considers offering the digital infrastructures of the new normal to its customers with its solution portfolio that is constantly growing and expanding with new generation technologies, among its top priorities. These technologies include Big Data, Advanced Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Industrial IoT, Robotic Workforce and Artificial Intelligence.

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