SabancıDx is a digital and analytics company that has determined its future vision with investments in new generation technologies such as big data, advanced data analytics, cyber security, industrial IoT, robotic workforce, and artificial intelligence.

With its expert staff, SabancıDx, meets all IT requirements from business consultancy to medium and large-scale companies in accordance with their future goals to corporate-specific applications, from operation to technical services, from hardware to software.

SabancıDx, which reflects what is awaiting to be discovered and represents the future with the “X” in its brand, assumes a crucial role with its new generation technology solutions offered in the “Sabancı of the New Generation” approach adopted by the Sabancı Group.

Edoksis offering e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Delivery Note, e-Ledger, e-Analysis, e-Reconciliation services, digital B2B purchasing platform Pratis, digital human resources and payroll platform HR-Web are among the main products and platforms of SabancıDx.

SabancıDx, operating within Sabancı Holding with the vision of leading the digital transformation of Turkey and opening to the world with the power of software, assumes the mission of carrying businesses to the future by generating sustainable benefits with innovative digital ideas.



Edoksis, produced by SabancıDx, providing e-invoice, e-archive and e-ledger integration, Pratis, which we export abroad, offering an electronic purchasing platform and human resources and payroll management platform HR Web software also offer cloud-based technologies. With their easy-to-use and fast integration capabilities, they integrate the business processes of companies with technology in the shortest time possible and with the optimum cost.


SabancıDx, serving leading companies of Turkey with its corporate data center services, owns two separate data centers restructured with the latest technologies in compliance with Tier 3 standards in Istanbul and Kocaeli. It provides hosting and application operation services in these data centers, which are composed of reliable, continuous and redundant infrastructure components that can operate 24/7 without interruption, where companies can safely host their critical applications and data.


With experiences in many different sectors, SabancıDx offers solutions that create a difference with its competence in methodology and product, thanks to the projects it realizes. SabancıDx, continues its activities in this field since 1995 as the first "SAP Consulting Support Center" in Turkey.


Attaching importance to continuous improvement in customer satisfaction and company processes, SabancıDx has documented its high quality and customer commitment in the field of information technologies with ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System and ISO 27001 Information Security Management System certificates.


SabancıDx offers advanced data analytics technology that enables the data, which is deemed as the most valuable asset of this era, to be processed with high level methods and tools and as a result, providing information that ensures future insights and productivity in business processes. SabancıDx established the Advanced Data Academy together with Sabancı University to implement customer-based advanced data analytics programs. The academy aims to train data engineers and digital explorers. SabancıDx currently conducts over 80 data analytics projects within the Sabancı Group. 


SabancıDx launched the Digital Campus in 2019 with the aim of implementing an R&D ecosystem covering academia, initiatives and the private sector for the development of new generation technologies. The Digital Campus focuses on the development of new generation technologies such as big data, advanced data analytics, cyber security, industrial IoT, robotic workforce, artificial intelligence and blockchain. Equipped with entrepreneurial culture elements, Digital Campus aims to develop new products for the software exports required by Turkey with the synergy created by the cooperation of the industry, the university and start-up. 


Catalist Start-up Program

The Catalist Start-up Program offered by SabancıDx aims to bring together start-up companies with large companies and offer new products and services. The program, which evaluated more than 300 start-up companies in 2019, identified more than 50 cooperation candidates and value bidding was carried out with 10 companies.

DnA Platform

With the DnA (Digital and Analytics) Platform established in 2019, SabancıDx aims to position the individuals involved in advanced data analytics projects within the Holding as advanced data analytics ambassadors. Reaching nearly 200 members today, it brings together the members of the platform together both on a digital platform and physically and unites the Holding companies at the common point of data and analytics. The projects carried out are monitored in a digital environment in order to keep the platform alive while contact opportunities are presented with comprehensive content such as presentations of leading speakers from Turkey and the world, example projects, hecatho and design thinking.


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