Sabancı Holding Becomes The First and Only Turkish Conglomerate To Be Listed in The Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index Second Time in A Row


Living up to the previous year’s success, Sabancı Holding is once again listed in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) in 2023. The Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index, one of the world’s most reputable gender equality indices, measures the reporting performance on gender equality-related data of publicly traded companies based primarily on modified book value. 

The index measures the gender equality performances of companies over five main criteria: female leadership & talent pipeline, equal pay and gender pay parity, inclusive culture, sexual harassment policies, and pro-women brand. This year, 484 companies from 45 countries and regions were listed in the index.

Sabancı Holding Human Resources and Sustainability Group President Hakan Timur, commenting on the achievement, said: “Sabancı Group, which is almost as old as our century-old Republic, strongly advocates for strengthening women in economic and social life. Realizing our responsibility to set a national and individual example, we consider diversity and inclusivity the most fundamental corporate values in all business processes of Sabancı Group. We have adopted a strongly decisive approach to the elimination of any gender discrimination at all levels of Sabancı Group through numerous projects and practices, including equal opportunity at recruitment, equal pay for equal work, women’s representation within the Board of Directors, flexible working, and an inclusive workforce. It is the culmination of our years-long efforts that, today, our Holding and our Group companies are considered beacons of gender equality in their respective fields. We are delighted to be included for the second time in a row in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index, one of the most reputable gender equality indices on a global level.”

Bloomberg Chairman and 30% Club Founding Chairman Peter T. Grauer said: “We congratulate all companies listed in the 2023 GEI. We hope to see a further global rise in both the interest and membership to our Index reflecting a shared goal for transparency in gender-related measurements.”