Sabancı Holding Energy Group President Speaks at Reuters Global Energy Transition 2023 event on June 8th 2023, in NYC


Group's President Kıvanç Zaimler Speaks at "Driving the Transition in Developing Economies Panel"

“By 2030, it is estimated that the total financing need for the achievement of sustainable development goals is between $ 5 and 7 trillion per year, mostly energy transition and climate technologies.”

— Kıvanç Zaimler

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 8, 2023/ -- Sabancı Holding Energy Group President, Kıvanç Zaimler speaks at Reuters Global Energy Transition 2023 event, today on June 8, 2023, in New York, USA. Reuters event is being held at the Marriott Marquis in New York, USA.

The event brings together leaders from the public and private sectors to discuss how the energy sector can make a successful transition to a low-carbon future.

As the President of Sabancı Holding Energy Group, Kıvanç Zaimler shared his insights on the role of the private sector in the energy transition. He also discussed the challenges and opportunities that the energy sector faces in the coming years. He works to accelerate international collaboration and bring the benefits of the global energy transition to developing economies. At the panel, Mr. Zaimler detailed practical pathways to solving the Energy Trilemma.

Moderated by Mr. Owen Rolt (Head of Energy Transition, Reuters Events), the keynote speech "Driving the Transition in Developing Economies" focused on:

· How can global businesses support developing economies in developing clean energy production?

· How can businesses work with investors to secure low-cost green capital in emerging economies? Should this be bilateral or multilateral?

· How can energy stakeholders navigate energy security, sustainability, and equity challenges effectively?

Mr. Zaimler says that "By 2030, it is estimated that the total financing need for the achievement of sustainable development goals is between 5 and 7 trillion US dollars per year. Undoubtedly, a significant part of this will be done to the energy transition and climate technologies. As Sabancı Holding Energy Group, we shape our investments with the vision of contributing to sustainable life, putting forward pioneering initiatives and serving as a bridge between Turkey and the world."

"I am proud to be part of such a community at GET2023 organized by Reuters Events Energy Transition Team. We are thrilled to have "The Voice of The Energy Transition", a industry joint vision to be announced at the event. Supported and co-signed by a diverse and international group of 20 industry leaders, the vision signals the ambition of the energy community to forge a pathway to a sustainable, equitable and lean future, aligning with the broader UN sustanaible development goals," he added.

About Sabanci Group's Energy Investments:

As an industrial and financial conglomerate headquartered in Turkey, Sabancı Holding manages the most diversified power generation portfolio in the country, poised to reach 5000 MWs, alongside the electricity distribution business serving 22 million people. Being the leading energy investor in Turkey, Sabanci embodies a sustainability-focused growth strategy as they look to expand their portfolio with solar and wind projects, maintaining a commitment to 100% renewable technology in new power plant investments. With a global vision, Sabancı Holding does not remain indifferent to the large market and growth potential in the USA. Solar, wind, and storage technologies are invested primarily to carry the strength and competencies in Turkey to the global arena. With the initial investment of a 272 MW solar plant in Texas, Sabancı is targeting to reach a renewable energy portfolio of 1000 MWs in the USA.

In addition to its focus on renewables, Sabancı also invests in disruptive energy and climate technologies. Through investments in venture capital funds as well as two of the world’s leading start-ups originating from MIT, Commonwealth Fusion Systems focusing on fusion energy and Quaise Energy on deep geothermal drilling, Sabancı forms a strong link between the emerging and developed markets.