Sabancı Invites Global Business Leaders to Invest in Türkiye at Summer Davos in China


The Annual Meeting of the New Champions, traditionally organized by the World Economic Forum (WEF) every year and known to the public as the Summer Davos, took place in Tianjin, China on 27-29 June. Nearly 1,500 participants from the public, private sector, civil society and academia were present at the summit, which was held for the 14th time this year with the theme of “Entrepreneurship: The Driving Force of the Global Economy”. Sabancı Holding Industry Group President Cevdet Alemdar was among the names representing the Turkish business world at the meetings where the problems in the world economy, geopolitical developments and roadmaps for green transformation were discussed. The meetings discussed challenges in the global economy, geopolitical developments, and roadmaps toward green transformation.

Speaking at the "Making the Middle Corridor Future-Proof" panel held as part of the event, Cevdet Alemdar underlined the importance of the supply chain between East and West geographies in the global economy and drew attention to the critical role Türkiye has undertaken in this chain.


Cevdet Alemdar, who stated that Türkiye has undertaken a much more important role for the world economy, especially the European market, in the global supply chain, whose transformation has accelerated with the effect of the pandemic, said, “The world welfare and economy is rapidly transforming on a new level with sustainability and digitalization. During this transformation, the importance of agility and being close to the customer is increasing day by day. In such a conjuncture, with its strategic location between Asia and Europe, its entrepreneurial structure and strong industrial infrastructure, Türkiye plays an important role in the world. Türkiye's recent climb to the top in global innovation indices and entrepreneurship indicators such as patent applications reveal that entrepreneurship is a business culture in our country. All of these are also the key to a new success story that Türkiye can write in the coming period. I invite all our international investors here to be a part of this success story. I am sure that the achievements of Türkiye that is integrated with the world will make valuable contributions to our existence as a human being in a greener, more sustainable world that has increased its prosperity and solved the risks brought by climate change and artificial intelligence, beyond economic gains. Türkiye’s success with you contributes to the success of the world.


Adding that Sabancı Group companies are the driving force of the Turkish economy, Cevdet Alemdar said, “As Sabancı Group, we are very delighted to undertake the role of a bridge between Türkiye and the world, just like Türkiye’s role as a bridge between Asia and Europe. Uniting Türkiye and the world with leading enterprises is Sabancı Group's purpose. This is happening both within the borders of Türkiye and with our investments all over the world. Our Industry Group companies such as Brisa, Kordsa and Temsa are working together to establish a better future with the steps they have taken in the global arena, from Indonesia to America, from Thailand to Brazil, in line with the vision of the Sabancı of the World. Our organizations here are selected the best workplaces to work in their own countries. We work with happy, bright people around the world. We make innovations by carrying out joint projects between the Technology Centers we have established here and the R&D centers in our country. The focus of these efforts is on sustainability and building agile, communicating, mutually learning and creating value structures that can achieve this. We contribute to the future of our world and humanity by serving sustainability goals. We are very proud and happy to have undertaken such an important responsibility for our country and our world," he said.