Enerjisa Üretim Santralleri A.Ş.

Enerjisa Üretim Santralleri A.Ş. manages two main business lines of electricity generation and trading. Enerjisa Üretim Santralleri A.Ş. pursues these business activities that have different dynamics but meanwhile creating value in an integrated manner which is based on an efficient and flexible portfolio strategy focused on operational excellence. Enerjisa’s aim is to create value for its partners, clients, employees, suppliers and the community by exploiting opportunities within the sector.

Enerjisa Üretim Santralleri A.Ş. provides significant contributions to sustainability by means of its efficient and environment-friendly power plants with an approximate installed capacity of 3.600 MW, carbon reduction opportunities through renewable energy based generation including solar energy power plant projects technology and efficiency focused investments. 

Enerjisa Üretim Santralleri A.Ş.’s installed capacity mix is comprised of 56% local and renewable energy resourcesin first half year of 2017 and 44% natural gas accounts, 37% hydroelectric power, 13% lignite and 6% wind power plants of its portfolio.
As the leading player in energy trade, along with electricity generation, Enerjisa Üretim A.Ş. creates value for its shareholders by optimizing its diversified generation portfolio in the future markets, day ahead, daytime and balancing power market; and for its business partners with structured products such as virtual power plant, capacity leasing and balancing services.

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Enerjisa, creating value through its diversified, efficient and competitive generation portfolio, has become the largest private sector power generation company in Turkey by reaching around 3600 MW of installed capacity at the end of 2016. Enerjisa’s installed capacity mix is comprised of 55% local and renewable energy resources.

Enerjisa uses efficient and environmentally compatible technologies in power plant investments and operations, and it provides important contributions to sustainability of growth and security of supply in the electricity sector in Turkey with a flexible portfolio structure that can be adapted to changing market conditions.


Enerjisa Electricity Wholesale Company was established in 2004 to execute trade operations in the electricity sector and assumes the optimization role within Enerjisa Group. The company executes electricity and capacity trade activities, day-ahead, intraday and balancing market operations, Enerjisa’s power plant optimization and power supply to Enerjisa Sales Company and contributes to Turkish electricity market regulations and market-making. Aside from wholesale trade, it contributes to the company’s short and long-term decisions as well as to the corporate strategies by developing quantitative models to analyze the effects of the key variables driving electricity market.

With the development of carbon credit of Enerjisa’s renewable electricity power plants and the trading of certified carbon credits, it also takes part in the carbon market.

Enerjisa also makes use of its electricity market experience in gas sales and supply transactions which are made through Enerjisa Gas Company. In order to manage the related transactions optimally, it performs value optimization and plays an effective role in the development of Turkey’s gas industry.

Enerjisa handles the largest electricity and natural gas trade volumes in Turkey’s commodity markets.


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