Tursa, a Sabancı Holding subsidiary, is the owner of Adana Hiltonsa and Mersin Hiltonsa, while Ankara Enternasyonal Otelcilik owns Ankara Hiltonsa. The Group entered the tourism industry with the Adana Erciyas Hotel many years ago. The Group first gained traction in the form of a founding partnership with the inauguration of the Ankara Hiltonsa Hotel in 1988. The Group’s tourism business expanded further with Mersin Hiltonsa hotel in 1990 and reached its current state with the opening of Adana Hiltonsa in early 2001. As of year‑end 2021, the Hiltonsa chain of hotels had a 792-room capacity in total: 309 rooms at Ankara Hiltonsa, 295 rooms at Adana Hiltonsa, and 188 rooms at Mersin Hiltonsa. The hotels are operated by the Hilton Group.


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