Sabanci Group In Brief

Sabancı Holding continues to create value for all its stakeholders in line with its higher purpose: “We unite Türkiye and the World for a sustainable life with leading enterprises.”

Hacı Ömer Sabancı Holding A.Ş. (Sabancı Holding), Türkiye’s leading conglomerate, is a holding company engaged in a wide variety of business activities through its subsidiaries and affiliates, mainly in the banking, financial services, energy and climate technologies, industrials, building materials and digital sectors.

Sabancı Holding coordinates and supports the finance, strategy, business development, legal, human capital and sustainability functions of Group companies. The Holding aims to ensure that Group companies operate in a manner that is profitable and sustainable with favorable competitive conditions. In addition, Sabancı Holding sets and monitors the investor relations and corporate governance practices that apply across Sabancı Group.

Sabancı Holding is managed by an Executive Committee, a team of senior executives including the Chief Executive Officer, Group Chief Financial Officer, Strategic Business Unit Presidents and function-based Group Presidents. The Executive Committee is mainly responsible for major capital allocation decisions and reports to the Board of Directors, which is the ultimate decision-making body of the Holding.

Sabancı Holding’s higher purpose is to unite Türkiye and the World for a sustainable life with leading enterprises. With this core reason for being, Sabancı Holding works to create value for its stakeholders. As of the end of 2023, Sabancı Group companies supply their products and services around the globe with more than 60 thousand employees in 14 countries worldwide. Sabancı Holding’s multinational business partners include leading global companies such as Ageas, Bridgestone, Carrefour, E.ON, Heidelberg Materials, and Skoda. Sustainability is a central aspect

of Sabancı Holding’s higher purpose. To this end, the Holding has adopted a target of net zero emissions and net zero waste by 2050.

Sabancı Holding is registered with the Capital Markets Board, the securities regulator of Türkiye. Since 1997, Sabancı Holding has been listed on Borsa Istanbul. The Sabancı Family jointly controls Sabancı Holding as a majority shareholder, while 50.47% of the Holding’s shares is publicly traded. As of year-end 2023, Sabancı Holding and its 11 listed subsidiaries’ shares constitute around 5% of the total market capitalization of Borsa Istanbul. In 2023, Sabancı Group delivered combined revenue of TL 811 billion and consolidated net income of TL 15 billion.