Equality at Work Declaration

The “Equality at Work Platform” has been established under the auspices of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies that mobilized to minimize the gender gap in the economic arena in Turkey and that partook in the task group created under the roof of the World Economic Forum to fight against the inequality based on social gender. The Platform continues its works for the purpose of changing the dominant status in favor of men in the business world by the women partaking in the business life more, having the women become more effective in the decision making mechanisms and the opportunities and resources being benefited from equally.

In the project, which will last for three years within the scope of the “Equality at Work Platform”, the goal is to increase the participation of the women to the workforce in the Turkish business world and to decrease the gender gap in the field of our country’s economic participation and opportunities down to 10 percent.

In 2013, in the meeting that the Platform that would perform its activities under the co-chairmanship of the Sabancı Holding Chairman of the Board Güler Sabancı and Doğuş Holding Chairman of the Board Ferit Şahenk was introduced, Güler Sabancı and Ferit Şahenk signed the “Equality at Work Declaration” on behalf of the business world.

Articles of Declaration of Equality at Work

  • We respect human rights. We uphold the basic principle of equality with respect to all our employees.
  • We ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all of our employees, regardless of gender.
  • We especially support the participation of women in the work force.
  • We define the criteria of equal opportunities for both men and women in all our Human Resources policies.
  • We adhere to and pursue the policy of equal wage for equal jobs.
  • We establish the necessary mechanisms so that career opportunities are equally available to all.
  • We formulate training policies, monitor and take special care to ensure the participation of women.
  • We create the working environment and practices that will maintain a balance between working and family life.
  • We disclose our equality of opportunity plan and the developments regarding our gains in this respect through both internal and external communications.
  • We make sure that this declaration is disseminated to our entire sphere of influence (our business partners, our suppliers).
  • We assign a leadership team to follow up on the matters included in this declaration.