The Sabancı Group supports the policies and the works that will elevate the sports awareness throughout the society and will encourage people to do sports and to make sports a part of life, and encourages the sports and athletes with the awards it grants.

Sports Facilities

The Sabancı Group, which has always been a locomotive force of the Turkish economy with the industrial institutions it established, has also presented numerous sports facilities to the service of our people as well as the schools, dormitories, teacher’s houses and health institutions it provided for the service of our society through the Sabancı Foundation.

Hacı Ömer Sabancı Galatasaray High School Indoors Sports Center was built by the Sabancı Foundation and its usage rights were transferred to the Galatasaray High School. The center, which was established on 1.000 m2 indoors area, and in which basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, athleticism, yoga, aerobics and fencing sports are carried out, also hosts university teams visiting the center for purposes of practice.

Özdemir Sabancı Sports Center was built by the Sabancı Foundation and its usage rights were transferred to the Private Üsküdar American High School. The center, which begun to provide its services within the body of the Üsküdar American High School in 1991, has an indoor area of 1.600 m2.

Özdemir Sabancı Indoors Swimming Pool was built by the Sabancı Foundation and begun to provide services in 1985 and the usage rights of the swimming pool was transferred to the Çukurova University. The Indoors Swimming Pool has a depth varying between 1.5 meters and 4.5 meters and is one of the special swimming pools that meets the necessary standards for underwater rugby competitions can be organized as well as being among one of the most modern facilities of the region.

Hacı Sabancı Swimming Pool was built in 2002 as a semi Olympic swimming pool with a width of 13 meters, a length of 25 meters and a depth of 2 meters. The swimming pool is utilized for training, sports and health purposes.

Dilek Sabancı Antalya Sports Center was demolished by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Youth and Sports General Directorate and is being rebuilt on the same site to host an audience of 10.000 viewers.

Sports Awards

Sakıp Sabancı Sports Awards is given to the athletes that win awards in Olympic games, Paralympics games and special Olympics for the mentally challenged.

Dilek Sabancı Sports Award is awarded to the team and athletes that win the first prize in world and European championships in the youth and adult categories which will be organized at the Dilek Sabancı Sports Center in the Olympic and Paralympics branches.


The cycling team, which was founded with the name Lassaspor in 1982, first initiated its youth setup activities with the summer school it first opened in 1978 in accordance with Brisaspor’s goal of “ensuring sporting opportunities to the children and youth living in the Kocaeli province and nearby provinces.” The 12 athletes that were elected in the summer school in that year created the first core members of the team. The cycling team, which won its first Turkish championship in 1983, put its signature under successful results with its members constituting of athletes that were raised in its youth setup throughout the years.

With the setting of the goal of Brisaspor being successful in international competitions as well in 1997, the youth setup works gained momentum. 268 athletes-students participated in the summer schools that were opened with the support of the sym teachers of the nearby schools since 1997. As a result of the elections performed, 2 star teams consisting of 36 students were established. The athletes who were successful in these teams found the chance to be in the youth team.